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Feature 50 JANUARY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM PHOTOS COURTESY ROOFCARE BY JACK INNIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Judges at the Pete Domenici Federal Courthouse in A lbuquerque, N.M., felt like dispensing justice, Wild West style! Tey were sick and tired of dealing with roof leaks that, for years, had disrupted proceedings in their seventh foor chambers. Hey, few people know what goes on in judges' chambers, but one thing's for sure: Tese magistrates have better things to do than move desks, shufe sopping papers, and put out buckets every time it rains! Pushed to the brink, the judges issued an edict: Fix the roof, or we're fnding someone to tar and feather! The Usual Suspects Te leaks showed up soon after the building opened in 1998, said Paul Abernathy, GSA (U.S. federal Government Services Agency) project manager. Te drips originated from the usual suspects: penetrations, equipment footings, and drains. But these leaks pointed to a bigger problem. "We believe the torch down (BUR, or built-up roof ) over insulation wasn't a good ft for this particular application," said Abernathy. "Tis is a very complex roof with multiple levels and sections. It has just about everything you can imagine on it. On some sections, you can count a half dozen pieces of equipment and more than one hundred penetrations. With all those poten- tial leak sources, a torch-down roof was the wrong application from the get go." Funds for a multimillion dollar tear down and reroof simply weren't available. But with the judges on the warpath, GSA needed a bailout. One fnally came in the form of Quest Construction Product's HydroStop PremiumCoat System, a liquid-applied, membrane-reinforced, waterproof roofng system that could be installed over the existing BUR. Te PremiumCoat System comprises a single brush-applied 30-mil (762 microns) average dry flm thickness (DFT) pass of FoundationCoat. A sheet of PremiumCoat Fabric is laid onto the still-wet FoundationCoat. Immediately, another brush-applied Justice Served! Leaks Arrested on Courthouse Roof ROOF ACRYLIC

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