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JUL 2015

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COATINGSPRO JULY 2015 27 the wear coat can be anything from silica sand to crushed walnut shells or quartz. Two layers of wear coat and aggregate are typically used in vehicular systems. Lastly, the topcoat, which can either be clear or pigmented, seals in the aggregate and provides additional waterproofng protection. Plaza decks are often exposed to heav y vehicular and pedestrian trafc as well as environmental elements. Located at or above the surface grade, plaza decks become an important part of the aesthetic appeal of any structure and, therefore, need to be properly maintained to minimize water damage to the underlying concrete surface and to ensure continued watertight performance. Plaza Decks vs. Roofing Systems Although plaza decks are elevated spaces with occupied spaces below, they should not be confused with traditional roofng systems. Roof systems are designed to protect the building from the elements and to support various heating, ventila- tion, and air conditioning (HVAC) and other mechanical equipment. With the exception of repairs or routine mainte- nance, roof systems are not designed to support pedestrian trafc; however, plaza deck systems are engineered specifcally for heavy use by pedestrians and/or vehicles. It is also easy and relatively common to confuse plaza decks with fooring systems. Te danger in that is that most fooring products are not designed to provide ultraviolet (UV) and waterproofng protection, which is critical in the proper design and installation of plaza deck systems. Floor coatings, which are designed for interior spaces, are very hard and rigid, while plaza deck systems provide more durability and resilience to provide protection from the elements. For example, if you were to drop a hammer on a foor coating, it would likely crack or chip the coating. Drop that same hammer on a plaza deck system, and it will bounce. Tat fexibility is key to the long-term performance of plaza deck systems, enabling them to withstand constant abuse from pedestrians, trafc, and the elements. Tat last item is key, too, because, unlike fooring that is protected from overhead structures, plaza decks are left without reprieve from the elements, creating a signif- cant need for slip-resistant walking and driving surfaces. Notes From the Field ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN WWW.CONSTRUCTSHOW.COM 50+ education sessions available that are taught by industry experts. AIA LUs and HSWs and GBCI CE available for select sessions. Discount pricing ends August 24. Don't delay, register today FREE Expo with registration code: ADCP15 ST. LOUIS SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 3 AMERICA'S CENTER | ST. LOUIS, MO BUILDING A BETTER W WORLD 2015 *Offer valid on new registrations only. No refunds will be issued. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #27 5

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