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JUL 2015

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COATINGSPRO JULY 2015 45 called Safe 'n Easy. Te crew washed the walls with Safe 'n Easy, let it soak in, and then rinsed of the cleaner, along with all the contaminants," said Claus. A lthough the crew wanted to remove all dirt and grime from the exterior of the building, they did not want to remove the existing coating. According to Claus, the existing coating was to be encapsulated within the new coating system. Tis helped to keep the job green, as disposal of the old paint was not necessary. "We used a 1,200 psi [8,273.7 kPa] pressure washer that didn't disrupt the bond of the previous coating to the stucco substrate," stated Claus. Claus and Angelus CEO Shaun Geiger are quick to point out that all water was collected and pumped into a holding tank where it was then taken to a facility for proper disposal per environmental regulations. "We use a specialized service called Enviroserv to properly sort and dispose of all waste products that are generated from our work, including wastewater. We have a program in place for waste management that aligns with our clean, green strategy," stated Geiger. The crew performed most work from scaffolding, so harnesses and safety lines were used. The 8- to 14-person crew also wore hard hats and safety vests at all times and gloves and goggles when necessary. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Recoat the exterior of a high-rise condominium building with an environ- mentally friendly and energy-reducing coating system COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Angelus Waterproofing & Restoration, Inc. 5731 McFadden Ave., Suite B Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (562) 941-7676 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 60 employees SIZE OF CREW: 8–14 crew members, depending on the task PRIME CLIENT: Harbor Place Tower 525 E Seaside Way Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 435-2803 SUBSTRATE: Stucco CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: The stucco was dirty, contaminated, and, in many places, there were cracks and failing joints SIZE OF JOB: 150,000 sq. ft. (13,935.5 m²) of wall area 50,000 linear feet (15,240 m) of joint work DURATION: 7 months UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » Due to strict air quality regulations, spraying the coating was not an option; the entire job was hand-rolled and brushed » The job was under extreme time constraints as all work needed to be completed by the running of the Long Beach Grand Prix in mid-April » The building was fully occupied during the entire duration of the job » All water used in the pressure-washing process was reclaimed MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Removed all exterior sealant from the building, including wall joints, window-to-glass joints, and window-frame-to-building joints; sealed all building joints with BASF Sonolastic 150 VLM (very-low modulus) » Sealed all windows using Dow Corning 756, 791, and 795 sealants » Cleaned the building with an eco-friendly architectural cleaner called Safe 'n Easy, rinsed, and pressure washed » Applied BASF Thoro Primer 1000 at an average thickness of 1 mil (25.4 microns) » Applied BASF Colorflex elastomeric wall coating system to the entire exterior of the building in two coats at approximately 11 mils (279.4 microns) each SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Performed work from swing stage scaffolding » Used harnesses and safety lines at all times and were properly tied off » Wore hard hats and colored safety vests at all times and gloves and goggles when necessary The project took seven months to complete. To start, the crew removed and replaced all sealant from the joints. They sealed all windows and applied an elastomeric coating system to the exterior of the building.

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