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JUL 2015

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When the Belzona Texoma crew came in to coat the newly constructed concrete containment tanks for a wastewater treatment plant in Dallas, they would need a year and a special mixer to complete this large project. Feature 60 JULY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM BY CLAIRE TRAGESER PHOTOS COURTESY BELZONA TEXOMA, INC. T he city of Dallas's Water Utilities cleans and treats about 125 million gallons (~473.2 million L) of wastewater every single day. Tat is a lot of dirty water to dispose of. Te city splits the job between two wastewater treatment plants: the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant. Central treats, on average, 60 million gallons (~227.1 million L) a day, while Southside treats, on average, 65 million gallons (246.1 million L) a day. Tat wastewater includes everything that goes down the drain, meaning everything that Dallas residents put down their sinks and, yes, their toilets. Tat dirty water fows through 4,020 miles (6,469.6 km) of sewer pipe to the two treatment plants. Once the water is treated, it either goes to water golf courses or is released into the nearby Trinity River. Te Central Wastewater Treatment Plant had been putting in a lot of work treating all that water, and it was starting to show. Hydrogen sulfde gas, which is released during water treatment, was eating away at the liners on containment tanks in the treatment plant. "Tere was almost 4 inches [10.2 cm] of concrete missing; that's how bad it was in some areas," said LeRoy Johnson, the area manager for Belzona Texoma, Inc. Te city decided to replace the treatment plant, and that's where Johnson and his coatings crew came in. Starting Line As a subcontractor, Belzona was teamed up with Roanoke, Texas-based Oscar Renda Contracting, who bid on the job as the prime. Oscar Renda Contracting has been working with the city of Dallas for several years, Johnson said, which gave them an advantage. "We've given presentations to the city in the past, and they've been using Oscar Renda, so they felt comfortable working with us," he said. Dirty Jobs: Protecting Wastewater Treatment Tanks CONCRETE EPOXY TANK

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