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64 JULY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Te team used monitors to test the air before they went into the junction box to work. Luckily, the monitors gave the all clear. "We didn't have any problems; it was just a concern we had," Johnson said. Tat hydrogen sulfde gas was a big part of why Belzona Texoma was on the job, Johnson said. In fact, the city of Dallas specifed that the walls and ceilings of its wastewater treatment tanks be coated with Belzona to protect against the gas's power- ful capacity for abrasions. In the "old days," the tank was an open top, Johnson said, and you can imagine what that did to the surrounding area. "Hydrogen sulfde has a very ofensive smell; it smells like you-know-what because it is," he said. It is also extremely aggressive on concrete, and so the coating was applied to protect the tanks' walls and ceilings. "W hen they inspected the existing intake structure that had been in service, it was in very poor shape and had sustained a lot of chemical attacks," Johnson said. "Te old liner was worn away, so for the new one, they wanted to be sure that doesn't happen." Wear on the structure is bad news, because if enough is eaten away, the whole structure could collapse, he said. "Tey try to plan for these things for a 50-year life span, but if you have that kind of wear, it's not going to make it 50 years," Johnson said. But Belzona's 4111 Magma-Quartz was well-suited to the job. It's a multi-purpose repair composite for the resurfacing, rebuilding, and protection of concrete and stonework, according to Yulia Burova, a marketing supervisor at Belzona. It is made to work best on repairs to horizontal surfaces that will be facing abrasion impact and vibration, but it can also be applied to vertical substrates up to 0.24 inches (6 mm) in thickness. It is an epoxy product, so it bonds strongly to most surfaces, including concrete, brick, marble, stone, steel, and other metal substrates. It can also be used for grouting and bonding to resist chemicals, abrasion, and impact, Burova said. City Slickers W hen the job was done, the city of Dallas was very pleased. Te crew had fnished on schedule, and the coating application turned out perfectly. "Te city engineer wrote a letter saying they're very pleased with it," Johnson said. In fact, the city of Dallas is planning another project and is now considering using Belzona Texoma there as well. If all goes well, Johnson's crew will be keeping wastewater where it should be for a long time. Tat's good news both for Dallas residents and for the business Johnson and Belzona Texoma do. CP "We had some problems getting it right, getting the finish correct," said Area Manager LeRoy Johnson. "But then at the end, we got some power trolls that we were doing much better with..." The structure was more than two stories tall, so the crew often worked on scaffolding using fall protection. In the end, the client was pleased and is considering the crew for another project. VENDOR TEAM Belzona, Inc. Coatings manufacturer 2000 NW 88th Court Miami, FL 33172, (305) 594-4994 Clemtex Material manufacturer 248 McCarty Dr. Houston, TX 77029 (713) 672-8251 Collomix North America Equipment manufacturer P.O. Box 13007 Milwaukee, WI 53213 (414) 471-3883 Elcometer Equipment manufacturer 1893 Rochester Industrial Dr. Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (800) 521-0635 Miller by Honeywell Safety equipment manufacturer 1345 15th St. P.O. Box 271 Franklin, PA 16323 (800) 873-5242 MSA Safety equipment manufacturer 1000 Cranberry Woods Dr. Cranberry Township, PA 16066 (800) 672-2222 Wastewater Treatment Tanks

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