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JUL 2015

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COATINGSPRO JULY 2015 69 In my experience, loss of adhesion is probably the failure most recog- nized. Often, that disbonding can be attributed to a surface preparation problem, upon either the substrate preparation itself or the surface of one the various layers of an installed coating system. If we rethink that statement " 75 to 85 percent of all coatings failures are a result of improper surface preparation" and consider all the surfaces involved in a coatings system, not just the original substrate, then we might start getting close to that guesstimate. Claim Jumper Tis discussion didn't attempt to address all the reasons that coatings fail. Its attempt was to discuss the statement attributing most failures of coatings to surface preparation. One consistent result from improper surface preparation is adhesion loss. Adhesion of a coating or coating system is paramount to its expectation of success. Attention to the surface to which a coating is applied — whether that's the initial substrate or another coating — is necessary to ensure adhesion of that coating. Maybe the acceptance that surface preparation includes more of the painting process than just the initial preparation of the substrate is what can account for the " 75 to 85 percent of all coatings failures are a result of improper surface preparation" claim. I wonder what percentage of coatings failures actually manifest as adhesion loss? CP D. Terry Greenfield is a pr incipa l consu ltant w it h Cor roMet r ics Ser v ices, Inc. Greenf ield has more t han 37 years' e x per ience in t he protect ive coat ings and cor rosion indust r y, prov id ing prog ram and project management, qua l it y assurance, cond it ion assessment and ma intenance planning , specif icat ion development, fa i lure ana lysis, e x per t w it ness, and t ra ining for t he mar ine, t ranspor ta- t ion, oi l and gas, and ot her indust r ies. Greenf ield is a g raduate of t he Universit y of Cent ra l Flor id a. He is a NACE Level III Coat ing Inspector w it h Br idge, Mar ine, and Nuc lear Specia lt ies. He hold s Of fshore and Shipboard Cor rosion A ssessment Technician cer t if icat ions, and he is a Societ y for Protect ive Coat ings (SSPC) Cer t if ied Protect ive Coat ings Specia l ist. For more infor mat ion, contact: Cor roMet r ics Ser v ices, Inc., (251) 4 45-1560, w w w.cor romet r Photo 7. Topcoat peeling on Spillway Bridge Structure due incompatibility with existing coatings. Surface Prep or Adhesion? Sauereisen: The right protection for your BIG Projects With a quarter century of innovation in wastewater, Sauereisen's protective lining technologies provide grit chambers, sedimentation tanks, and neutralization basins with a seamless barrier against corrosion and abrasion. Call for your custom project consultation today. 412-963-0303 160 Gamma Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Email: BIG PROJECTS, BIG PROTECTION. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #170

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