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JUL 2015

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72 JULY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM striping projects. Included in the new design is the PowrCenter dashboard that delivers convenience that only Titan ofers. Te PowrCenter puts the throttle and pressure control at the operator's fngertips, eliminating the need to stop striping to make adjust- ments. Te PowrCenter also includes features, such as a handy storage tray, pressure gauge, cup holder, and a 12-volt plug-in for charging smart phones or iPods. Te new PowrLiner Series features the Smart Arm system, a gun boom that folds out for quick set up and folds up for easy transportation and storage. Te Smart Arm also has two ways to adjust gun height and fan pattern width. Users can simply crank the handle for changes to both guns, or use the independent control to adjust each gun separately, making precise line settings a snap. For more informa- tion, contact: Titan, (800) 526-5362, Reader Inquiry # 3542 Next Generation Variable Area Flow Meters AW-LAKE COMPANY is pleased to announce the release of their Next Generation Variable Area fow meters with improved accuracy. Tis new generation of the Lake VA meters employs an improved calibration process with an integrated laser engraving system, providing precise scale locations and increments directly tied to calibration points on each individual meter. Designed with improvement in mind, the new calibration and scaling process not only streamlines the production process, it also improves meter accuracy to 2 percent of full scale over the full fow range. Tis was accomplished by integrating the calibration process with the meters' custom scale application. "By relying on more automation, we are able to eliminate potential errors and variability introduced by technicians controlling the calibration and scaling process, producing a more repeatable, reliable, and accurate fow meter," stated Chris Husson, senior design engineer. "We are able to treat these meters as more precise instruments because we uniquely calibrate each individual meter and no longer apply general scales like our competition." For more information, contact: AW-Lake, (800) 850-6110, Reader Inquiry # 3543 MCR Safety Launches New Glove With DuPont Kevlar DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont) and MCR Safety today announced the launch of a new cut-resistant glove called Memphis Orange with Kevlar. MCR Safety is partnering with DuPont under the new Dare Bigger brand platform to promote its products with DuPont technology. Tis glove uses patented DuPont's Kevlar-engineered yarns, allowing glove companies, such as MCR Safety, to "dare bigger" and bring new levels of cut-resistance performance and dexterity, along with features, such as high visibility, to the market. "We are proud to partner with DuPont in an efort to provide the next gener- ation of cut protection," said Mitch Lewellen, CEO of MCR Safety. "Tis ANSI [American National Standards Institute] Cut Level 4 product features a high level of cut protection with a thinner and more fexible glove. Tis high visibility orange Kevlar provides greater visibility for a higher level of safety awareness." For more information, contact: MCR Safety, Reader Inquiry # 3544 FEVE Resins for Corrosion- Resistant Topcoat Formulations LUMIFLON fuoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resins from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. impart superior corro- sion resistance when formulated into coatings, sealants, and paints. LUMIFLON resins are used in topcoat formulations to make metal or concrete products and structures ultra weather- able. W hen used on buildings, bridges, aircraft, automobiles, and solar panels, LUMIFLON-based topcoats do not degrade from ultraviolet (UV) light, wind, rain, or corrosion. It is the frst solvent-soluble fuoropolymer resin for coatings that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated tempera- tures. Because LUMIFLON resins do not require heat curing, these topcoats can be applied in the factory or in the feld. LUMIFLON-based coatings can be formulated to last up to 30 years, depending on the substrate and environment. A transparent fuororesin, LUMIFLON resins can be used to make both clear and pigmented coatings in more than 230 colors in high-gloss to fat fnishes. For more information, contact: AGC Chemicals, (800) 424-7833, Reader Inquiry # 3545 Ruwac's WS2320-HD Industrial Vacuum Is Your Solution to Removing Blast Media Ruwac USA created the WS2320-HD, a heav y-duty intermittent duty vacuum New & Noteworthy

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