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JUL 2015

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74 JULY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Belzona 7111 for marine applications, such as chocking, backing, and leveling in engines, pumps, generators, compres- sors, reduction gears, bearing blocks, crane rails, and other machinery. Dr. Xi Chen, Belzona's vice president of research and development, said, "Tis ABS approval is a signifcant testimony that Belzona 7111 meets the highest quality and performance standards set forth by the marine industry." Tis material has also been approved to be used in constructions built under the Lloyd 's Register's survey. For more information, contact: Belzona, www. Reader Inquiry # 3547 Flowcrete Uncorks Winery Flooring in New Guide To help wine producers choose a foor that hits the right notes, Flowcrete Americas has produced a guide for wineries that looks at how specialist polymer fooring systems can enhance the site's visual impact while maintain- ing a safe, clean, and contaminant-free environment. Many wineries still opt for uncoated concrete foors; in fact, just 7 percent of small wineries and 8 percent of medium-sized wineries have installed cementitious urethane foors. However, concrete foors can become porous and cracked, quickly becoming sites of hazardous bacteria buildup. Inadequate drainage or hard-to-clean surfaces in a winery can also lead to hygiene concerns and slip risks while simultaneously ruining a site's aesthet- ics into the bargain. Te new guide details how Flowcrete's Flowfresh range of cementitious urethane systems is ideal for the back-of-house areas. Tese spaces will have to cope with constant trafc, impacts from barrels, stock movement, and the handling of heav y equipment, as well as humid, acid-rich conditions. For more information, contact: Flowcrete, Reader Inquiry # 3548 Dunn-Edwards Introduces Elastomeric Wall Coating As part of its ongoing commit- ment to develop high-performance products that are safe for people and the environment, Dunn-Edwards has introduced New Enduralastic 10 ultra-premium elastomeric wall coating. New Enduralastic 10 is formulated w ith 100 percent acr ylic technolog y, which provides superior durability and f lexibility of the coating. T he product is low odor, has excellent application properties, and is available in tint bases that allow the product to be mi xed into light, medium, and dark colors. "It provides excellent elonga- tion properties needed for toler- ating substrate movement, which is essential for bridging hairline cracks on masonr y surfaces," explained Product Manager Sam Carrillo. "Enduralastic 10 has excellent dirt pick-up and chalking and binder degradation resistance not normally seen in elastomeric wall coatings. T his allows the coating to maintain its original appearance longer." To demonstrate performance, previously primed panels were coated w ith New Enduralastic 10 Ultra-Premium and other leading water-borne elastomeric wall coatings. T he test results showed Enduralastic 10 Ultra-Premium has better chalking and binder degra- dation resistance than any of the competing brands. For more informa- tion, contact: Dunn-Edwards, (888) 337-2468, w w Reader Inquiry # 3549 EVOLite Skyworker Helmet Protective Industrial Products, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest product innovation. T he EVOLite Sky worker Helmet is an extremely lightweight (under 1 lb., or 0.5 kg ) helmet designed C oatings contractors from the Pittsburgh, Pa., area know about french fries. Te Steel City puts them on sandwiches and even salads! Tis contractor grabbed a grilled chicken salad from the neighborhood Eat 'n Park where the mixed greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers are topped with chicken, egg, cheddar cheese, and — you guessed it! — french fries. Te meal is rounded out with fresh-baked seasonal bread, and if you're good, they might even toss you a smiley face cookie. Yinz have good grub, n'at! Have a "Jobsite Lunchbox" meal you'd like to brag about? Send your favorite to We can't guarantee that it will make it into the next issue, but we can guaran- tee the CP staf will be drooling all the way to noon! CP THE JOBSITE LUNCHBOX New & Noteworthy

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