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JUL 2015

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76 JULY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Show News Pipelines 2015 Conference Pipelines 2015 w i l l prov ide a for um for pipeline pioneers and practi- tioners f rom a l l around the world to share their ex per iences in meeting the cha l lenges of today's pipeline inf rastr ucture. T his premier industr y event has become the conference of choice for uti lit y and pipeline ow ners, desig n and consu lting eng ineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppli- ers, students, educators, researchers, and pipeline professiona ls. T he conference w i l l prov ide a dy namic and inspir ing venue for par ticipants to share and gain va luable k nowl- edge related to planning , desig ning , constr ucting , renew ing , operating , manag ing , and maintaining the lifeline assets. Put on by the A mer ican Societ y of Civ i l Eng ineers (A SCE), the confer- ence w i l l ta ke place at the Ba ltimore Mar r iott Water f ront Hotel in Ba ltimore, Md., Aug ust 23 –26, 2015. T he conference's theme is "Recent Advances in Underg round Pipeline Eng ineer ing and Constr uction." T he key note spea ker is George Hawk ins, genera l manager of Distr ict of Columbia Water and Sewer Author it y (DC Water). His ta l k w i l l ta ke place on Monday, Aug ust 24. Te tracks include Trenchless Installation; Design & Construction I; Design & Construction II; Assessment & Rehabilitation I; Assessment & Rehabilitation II; Operations, Maintenance, Risk, & Safety; and Planning & Analysis. Particular sessions of interest may be Pipeline Inspection/Condition Assessment, Oil & Gas/Risk Management, Lined Pipe Inspection/Analysis, Failure Analysis, Pipeline Repair, and Corrosion Protection. Te sessions are one and a half hours long and take place through- out the conference. For more information, contact: ASCE, (800) 548-2723, www.pipelines- Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium 2015 T he A merican Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Sy mposium (FMMS) is an annual event, alternating between Norfolk and San Diego, bringing together the entire naval ship maintenance and moderniza- tion community like no other forum. FMMS 2015 w ill include prominent guest speakers, panelists, and paper presentations from the Nav y, Coast Guard, industr y, and academia; it w ill provide a unique opportunity to interact w ith senior militar y and civil ser vice decision makers, ship and craft operators and maintainers, repair and maintenance personnel, designers, builders, planners, engineers, program managers, life cycle engineers, equip- ment suppliers, and other technical experts. Tis year's symposium will take place at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center on Hotel Circle in San Diego, Calif. It will be running Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1 and 2, 2015. For more information, contact: ASNE, EUROCORR 2015 Euro conference will continue a successful series of corrosion science conferences. Te main objective is to foster knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences amongst delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. Te main theme of EUROCORR 2015 will be "Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Corrosion Happens Everywhere." Te conference aims to assert the critical role of corrosion science, technology, and engineering in extending the lifecy- cle of materials in diferent felds of applications (earth, water, fre, air). Te scientifc program will comprise top-class keynote lectures, workshops, and oral and poster presentations arranged into sessions referring to the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) Working Parties specialty areas of corrosion. EUROCORR 2015 will set a high value on increasing the exhibition, where companies and institutes dealing with corrosion protection will have a possi- bility to showcase their products and services. Te conference this year will take place in Graz, Austria, September 6–10. Expected working party topics include Coatings: Metallic Coatings, Inorganic Coatings, Organic Coatings, Pretreatments, Self-Healing Coatings, Corrosion & Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water Systems, Corrosion of Steel in Concrete, Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production, Nuclear Corrosion, and Marine Corrosion. For more information, contact: EUROCORR, CP Pipes, Ships, and More

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