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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2016 13 TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers T he U. S. Sm a l l Bu si ness A d m i n ist rat ion (SB A) wa s c reated i n 1953 a s a n i ndependent agenc y of t he federa l gover nment to a id , cou nsel, a ssist, a nd protec t t he i nterests of sm a l l bu si ness concer ns, to preser ve f ree compet it ive enter pr ise, a nd to m a i nt a i n a nd st reng t hen t he overa l l economy of ou r n at ion. We recog n i ze t h at sm a l l bu si ness is c r it ic a l to ou r econom ic recover y a nd st reng t h, to bu i ld i ng A mer ic a's f ut u re, a nd to helpi ng t he Un ited St ates compete i n tod ay 's g loba l m a rket- pl ace. A lt houg h SB A h a s g row n a nd evolved i n t he yea rs si nce it wa s est abl ished i n 1953, t he bot tom l i ne m ission rem a i ns t he sa me. T he SB A helps A mer ic a ns st a r t, bu i ld , a nd g row bu si nesses. T h roug h a n e x tensive net work of f ield of f ices a nd pa r t nersh ips w it h publ ic a nd pr ivate orga n i z at ions, SB A del ivers its ser v ices to people t h roug hout t he Un ited St ates, P uer to R ico, t he U. S. Vi rg i n Isl a nd s, a nd Gu a m. SB A is of fer i ng a cou rse rega rd- i ng how to w i n c u stomers. T h is cou rse is desig ned to prov ide a ba sic over v iew of m a rket i ng. It is a prac t ic a l prog ra m w it h rea l-world e x a mples a nd helpf u l t ips. T he cou rse is d i rec ted to sm a l l bu si ness ow ners who a re i nterested i n reac h- i ng a broader c u stomer ba se a nd e x pa nd t hei r m a rkets. L ea r n wh at m a rket i ng is a nd why it is v it a l to g row t h. T he cou rse covers how to conduc t m a rket resea rc h a nd develop m a rket i ng st rateg ies wh i le prov id- i ng m a rket i ng resou rces for sm a l l bu si ness ow ners. e course, which is available online, lasts 30 minutes. For more information, contact: U.S. Small Business Administration, (800) 827-5722, CP Reader Inquiry #4616 Shore Hardness Durometer 1-800-448-3835 l D eFelsko Corporation l O gdensburg, New York USA Tel: +1-315-393-4450 l Email: Measures the hardness of non-metallic materials. Two models are available - S hore A and Shore D N EW n U ser-adjustable measurement time with onscreen countdown n Aut o Ignore mode disregards readings below 20 or above 90 n Internal memory, stat istics and USB port n Includes PosiSoft suite of software for viewing and reporting dat a n Advanced models connect to iOS or Andr oid Smar t devices n Conforms to national and international standards n Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #34

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