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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2016 19 a viable solution with static control flooring or coatings. ese include project uses, conditions, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, ambient temperatures, chemical exposure, and physi- cal impact. Static Control Flooring Installation Surface preparation is a key element in providing a successful installation. Some static control f looring products have a strict tolerance in the thickness they can be applied due to the ty pe and size of the conductive element used to obtain proper conductivity. T herefore, selection of the proper surface preparation method to produce an acceptable surface profile for the specific product being installed is ver y important. Fluid-applied conductive and electrostatic discharge materials should always be kept in the origi- nal packaging as provided by the manufacturer. Dividing, thinning, or thickening materials can affect the f loor's conductivity. Once mi xed, the material should be agitated on a regular basis to keep the conductive element suspended homogenously in the resin until applied and to ensure the resistance is consistent across the entire f loor- ing surface. Another important factor is the moisture content or moisture emissions from a concrete substrate. Major effects include derogation of the coating's mechanical strength, decreased inter- facial adhesion, internal swelling, promotion of corrosion of metallic contents, and interference with the conductivity of the flooring or coating system. Improving the Image W hen specifiers and contractors are mindful of the potential problems with ESD floors being improperly specified and installed and take the necessary precautions, the probability of a successful, problem-free installation is greatly improved. CP For more information on how to test the floor for conductivity, check it out online at Steven Schroeder, v i c e p re s i d e nt for D e x- O -Te x d i v i s i o n of C ro s s f i e l d P ro d u c t s C or p . , b e g a n i n t h e i nd u s t r y a s a n i n s t a l l e r i n 19 78 . H e i s a n a c t i v e m e m b e r of C o n s t r u c t i o n S p e c i f i c a t i o n s I n s t i t ut e (C S I ), a nd h e i s a p a s t b o a rd m e m b e r of t h e L . A . c h a pt e r of C S I a nd t h e Po l y m e r C o a t i n g s a nd S u r f a c i n g s I n s t i t ut e . For m ore i n for m a t i o n , c o nt a c t : D e x- O -Te x , w w w. d e x- o -t e x . c o m Specifying Success World's Largest Garnet Mining & Distribution Group AUSTRALIA § D E N M A R K § GERMANY § I TA LY § SAUDI ARABIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES § UNITED KINGDOM § UNITED STATES reliable | re • li • a • ble | adjective consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted; dependable, good, well founded, authentic, valid, genuine, sound, true. For more information: write to or visit GMA GARNET GROUP when your abrasive matters! GMA Garnet "Premium Alluvial" GMX Garnet "Crushed" American Montana Hardrock Available Grit Sizes: • 36 • 30/60 • 60 • 80 • 120 • 200 • 350 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #300

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