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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2016 25 BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY Flare Audio Releases Upgraded Ear Protector Flare Audio, Ltd., a United Kingdom- based designer and manufacturer of professional audio products and accessories, has recently released ISOLATE — a new, patent-pending ear protector for professionals who work in loud environments. e ear protector rivals traditional foam or flanged ear plugs, the company said, adding that it is also ideal for home and other commer- cial uses. Traditional earplugs rely on absorption to attenuate sound, which rapidly meets its limit — particu- larly with bass frequencies. However, ISOLATE protectors reflect sound away from the ears, thus achieving much greater attenuation. is is because they do not accept sound into the ear canal. Reusable and designed for life-long use, Flare Audio says its product is ideal for any use aimed at reducing sound levels, including work on construction sites, road works, and projects involving heav y machinery. "Initial in-house testing of ISOLATE has yielded better attenuation than any other ear plug," said Davies Roberts, founder of Flare Audio. e protector is designed with discreet, custom-de- signed memory foam tips. For more information, contact: Flare Audio, +44 1903 761000, Reader Inquiry #3669 3M DBI-SALA Lad-Saf X3 Detachable Cable Sleeve e Lad-Saf X3 ⅜" (9.5 mm) Detachable Cable Sleeve is part of a permanently installed ladder safety system. It is designed to work with many differ- ent styles and lengths of ladders on structures such as wind turbines, communication towers, buildings, water towers, and more. e Lad-Saf flexible cable system consists of a top and bottom bracket that act as anchors for a steel cable that runs the length of the climbing area. A Lad-Saf X3 sleeve connects the worker to the system, automatically follows the user during the climb, and locks onto the cable in the event of a fall, allowing the user to regain their footing. For more information, contact: 3M Fall Protection Business, (800) 328-6146, Reader Inquiry #3670 Red Kap Expands New Workwear Line to Construction Red K ap, a leading workwear apparel brand, is now enter- ing the construction industr y w ith products designed specifically for the construc- tion worker. T he company recently spent two years obser ving construc- tion sites, allow ing it to gather a deep understanding of how the construc- tion industr y works. As such, Red K ap designed garments that allow workers to focus on the job at hand, rather than their workwear. T he company cited its unique ability to f low function into style and professional- ism. Some of the marquee offerings in the lineup include T-shirts, hoodies, and car penter jeans. Listed under the Red K ap Construction brand, the lineup entails a complete apparel line aimed at making crews more produc- tive while looking their best on site. For more information, contact: Red K ap, (866) 335-1184, w w w.redkapcon- CP Reader Inquiry #3671 ®The DOW Diamond Logo is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company © 2016 Learn how we can tailor a solution for even the most aggressive conditions at or by calling 800-441-4369. Protect Your Assets VORASTAR ™ Coatings Extending the life of your pipes, tanks, reservoirs and other infrastructure will pay big dividends down the road. From flexible elastomers to high-hardness, chemically resistant coatings, our polyurethane solutions can be applied to concrete, steel or other substrates to provide durable, long-lasting protection that pays. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #352

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