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30 NOVEMBER 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM weekends are the busiest time for the hotel. T he hotel rema ined open dur ing a l l steps in t he process due in l a rge pa r t to t he water-bor ne coat ing system t hat does not conta in VOCs (vol at i le orga nic compounds). " We a lso d id not spray apply t he U NIFLE X coat ing system but instead used rol lers. T his way, overspray was a non-issue," e x pl a ined Welte. Bright White Equals Green Roof e crew returned in the spring and got right to work. Both the upper and lower roof areas were coated with the UNIFLEX elastomeric system consisting of a base, or waterproofing, layer and two layers of the topcoat. "For both the upper roof and lower roof, we applied UNIFLEX MB Gray Base Coat 41-512 at a thickness of 24 dry mils [609.6 microns]. We used 18-inch [45.7 cm] rollers for the application and let the basecoat dry for a minimum of 24 hours before we installed the first layer of the UNIFLEX Premium W hite Elastomeric 41-300," said Welte. On the upper roof, the crew applied two layers of this topcoat; the first coat was installed at an average wet film thickness of 24 mils (609.6 microns) and the second at an average wet film thickness of 16 mils (406.4 microns). According to Welte, the white roof surface is sustainable and environmentally friendly. "By coating the roof instead of tearing off the modified substrate and replacing it, we reduced waste and saved a great deal of money. e white color is reflec- tive, reducing HVAC [energy] consumption and heat exchange. ere is also less material movement from expansion and contraction," said Welte. Life Meets Art For the lower roof area, the same UNIFLEX elastomeric material was used but in a myriad of colors. " We mi xed the coating into many bright colors that really made the mural come to life," said Welte, who has a background in advertising and marketing. He did much of the artwork freehand using 9 -inch (22.9 cm) rollers and brushes. " We used cardboard patterns [aka stencils] for only two areas: the deck above the pond and the rock pattern on the raised area of the roof," said Welte. W hile the original plan was to hire a muralist, after To create the mural, the crew applied one coat of UNIFLEX Elastomeric 41-300 at ~24 mils (609.6 microns) WFT and one at ~16 mils (406.4 microns) WFT in various colors and shapes. The look of the bottom roof was important to the hotel client. The crew designed a mural to reflect what was seen near the hotel, including a lake, beach, boat, swimming pool, and snack shop. Green Roof The crew applied one coat of UNIFLEX Premium White Elastomeric 41-300 at ~24 mils (609.6 microns) WFT. They applied another coat of the white elastomeric to the upper roof at ~16 mils (406.4 microns) WFT. To all surfaces, the first layer of the coating systems was UNIFLEX MB Gray Base Coat 41-512. The crew applied that at a wet film thickness (WFT) of approximately 24 mils (609.6 microns).

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