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NOV 2016

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4 In This Issue NOVEMBER 2016 FEATURES VOL. 16, NO. 6 NEVER AGAIN ON THE COVER Recoating this 10-million-gallon (~37.8 million L) steel tank might have seemed like déjà vu for Blastco; they'd coated it 17 years earlier. One thing was different for sure: jacking up the roof (see page 32). —Photo courtesy of Boswell's Consulting Testing Services 32 SHORED UP 26 52 The Case of the Inadequate Warehouse Floor A recently installed epoxy floor "just didn't look right," according to the GC. Did something go wrong? 26 Roof Coatings on Holiday This applicator proved that "green" roof coatings don't have to be green. A beachy scene for a lakeside hotel made perfect sense! 32 To the Tank Top Access is everything on some coatings jobs. To reach the ceiling and rafter on this tank, the coatings crew had to jack it up. 44 Cleaning Up a Wash Bay Due to corrosion from chemicals, this concrete contain- ment had seen better days. It was up to the contractor to bring it back to life. 40 WebSHOTS 2016 We've highlighted a few sites from around the World Wide Web in this year's WebSHOTS section. SPECIAL SECTION

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