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NOV 2016

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The three to seven crew members from EverSeal Concrete Coatings worked on the 5,200 square-foot (483.1 m²) concrete project. When the crew arrived on site, the concrete was badly damaged. The repair and coating of the containment floor was a challenging project for the crew out of Seneca, Illinois. The project was for a truck wa sh bay for a client that wishes to remain unnamed. Feature 44 NOVEMBER 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM I BY CLAIRE TRAGESER PHOTOS COURTESY EVERSEAL CONCRETE COATINGS Cracking the Surface of a Truck Wash Bay I n all his years as a coatings contractor, Patrick Ugolini has seen some surfaces in pretty bad condition. But on this job, he saw one of the worst. e poor condition of the concrete containment's floor for this job made sense. It was the floor of a truck wash bay at a trucking facility. at meant heav y trucks regularly rolled in, were hosed down with hot water, and because the facility was an agricultural center, carried lots of chemicals in that were then washed off onto the floor. Ugolini had done work before with the client, who wishes to remain anonymous. "We had done some work for the owner of the company prior to this project; those were more agricultural buildings and storage of large equipment," Ugolini said. "So we had already done a little work for him, and he had us come take a look at the floor of the project. He had had some other contractors come in and look at it and never could get a good solution, couldn't get someone who was confident enough to take it on. He'd been fighting it for a while, and the floor was in pretty terrible shape. We got a game plan together for him and took it on." Developing a Game Plan Ugolini is the project supervisor of the business development team for EverSeal Concrete Coatings, a 10-person coatings contractor based in Seneca, Illinois. e company is family owned and operated, having originally started in new home construction and general contracting in the 1990s. W hen the housing market fell, the family shifted gears and began doing decorative concrete and epoxy work in 2007. For this job at the truck wash bay, it would take all of the crew's experience and knowledge. Ugolini said it was not a pretty sight when he first scoped out the job. "W hen we went in there, there was an old coating on there, some floor coating system, and it was in terrible shape from the chemicals they use in there," he said. "Because they're washing trucks, there's also a lot of moisture, and it combines with the chemicals to break down the system over the years, so the concrete was SECONDARY CONTAINMENT URETHANE CONCRETE

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