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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2016 47 Ugolini and the rest of the three- to seven-person crew from EverSeal Concrete Coatings came up with a game plan to fix the place up. ey set off to put it in place. First, they had to remove the existing coatings on the substrate, which was approximately 5,200 square feet (483.1 m²). "is was a unique project because of all the challenges with the existing floor," Ugolini said. "e amount of repair and patching was really extensive. e repairs went down to a couple inches below the surface in some spots, and there was a ton of cracking and damage. e coating that was there had deteriorated really badly, so we had to grind twice as deep into concrete as we typically do because we had to make sure all the old coating was really removed; we couldn't have any leftover. It was in such bad shape that there was no bond, so we had to remove all that to get to a clean substrate. A ll of that made for quite a job." To get rid of the deteriorating concrete, they first tore up the damaged parts of the containment's floor system with scari- fiers and grinders. ey used Metabo grinders and Hilti hammer chisels for the job. The crew also created water control humps, which look a bit like speed bumps. This helped to keep the liquids in the bay area. They used a urethane mortar to create those. Despite the badly damaged concrete substrate and the short timeline to fix and coat it, the crew managed to finish two days ahead of schedule. That meant a total of six days for this project. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Repair and coat the concrete containment floor in truck wash bay COATINGS CONTRACTOR: EverSeal Concrete Coatings P.O. Box 418 Seneca, IL 61360 (815) 326-5551 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 10 employees SIZE OF CREW: 3–7 crew members PRIME CLIENT: Wishes to remain unnamed SUBSTRATE: Concrete CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Used, deteriorating SIZE OF JOB: 5,200 sq. ft. (483.1 m²) DURATION: 6 days UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The original substrate was very badly damaged. » There was a short timeline for the job, but the crew finished two days early. » The adjacent truck bay had to remain in service, so the crew had to keep the area free of airborne contaminants. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Removed existing coating using Metabo grinders and Hilti hammer chisels » Removed and replaced floor drain » Coated curves and water control humps with Poly-Crete TF » Put down one coat of Poly-Crete SLB at an average of 3 / 16 " (0.5 cm) thick- ness using squeegees and rollers » Broadcast silica sand into basecoat to the point of rejection » Applied Poly-Crete TF at approximately 35 mils (889.0 microns) with squeegees and rollers SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore safety glasses, dust mask /respirators, ear protection, long-sleeve shirts, steel-toed boots, and safety hats

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