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NOV 2016

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52 NOVEMBER 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Never Again Co n t ro l j o i n t t h at h ad n eve r b ee n prepared prior to coating application The Case of the Inadequate Warehouse Floor By Roland A. Vierra, President and CEO of Flooring Forensics I t meets spec." "It's within tolerance." Or my favorite: "It's industry standard." Completing coatings work based on the specification and only the specification has been a trend in the industr y for some years now. I have found during obser vations in the field that applicators are working to the spec, but that the spec doesn't neces- sarily equate to a successful application of the system. In fact, many times when applicators use these ty pes of phrases, it seems to coincide with work that isn't meeting what the client wants. Since when do specifications, tolerances, and standards ser ve the purpose of excusing shoddy work? T his has been a beef of mine for many years. I hear the same old refrain so many times during the course of my work that I'm beginning to think there's a school somewhere that teaches so many w ithin our industr y to rely on lame excuses. T he spec is important, but instead of just tr y ing to meet spec, shouldn't the applica- tor's main goal be to give the client a successful system? My most recent case involved 100,000 square feet (9,290.3 m²) of an epoxy floor coating in a general purpose warehouse: Nothing fancy, nothing too terribly stringent, just a building owner who wanted his floor to look nice. He got something else. Background Info e general contractor (GC) called me in to look at the coating application in question. He had an unhappy owner on his hands and he needed some answers. During my initial telephone conversation with the GC, he informed me that his company had limited Photos courtesy of Flooring Forensics, Inc. I have found during observations in the field that applicators are working to the spec, but that the spec doesn't necessarily equate to a successful application of the system.

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