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54 NOVEMBER 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM 4. Control joints visible. Control joints need to be chased, which means cleaned (this frequently involves re-cutting), then filled, usually with an elastomeric filler, before coating. This will obscure them from view once covered in the coating. If they aren't properly prepared, they'll be visible after the coating has been installed. Conclusions After looking at the entire floor and noting the details, which were the offenders in the client's mind, I came to the conclusion that the issues were systemic, meaning that each and every item noted was present throughout the entire system. A fter the group finished walking around the warehouse, we retired to a small huddle for a brief discussion. T hese meetings are never intended to be negotiations, nor are they intended to share my conclusions. R ather, these meetings are for me to get a sense of the project details: why was this done, what happened, etc. W hen I let the group members know what I obser ved and asked them to help clarif y how it happened, the first thing out of the coating contrac- tor's mouth was that the installation was "w ithin tolerance" and that it meets the industr y standard. But how did the mortar voids happen? Holes in the concrete, he told me. W hat about the dotted line appearance to the control joints? T hey always look like that, he said. A nd the applicator streaking? T hey can't be avoided, was his answer. Instead of arguing, I asked him to send me the document that details those tolerances and to for ward the industr y standard, the document that makes this application acceptable. He was w illing and able to share both — so he said. e following week came and went with no further correspondence from the coating contractor. My client, the General Contractor, was hoping to get Applicator Streaks Applicator streak The issues were systemic, meaning that each and every item noted was present throughout the entire system Inadequate Warehouse Floor

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