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56 NOVEMBER 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM I n the late 1970s, Ron Puszynski and his wife, co-founders of Concare, Inc., saw a disconnect between the fledgling coatings industry and the customers that the few local contractors were trying to serve. "Our company got started when my wife and I decided there was a better way to attack the needs and require- ments of customers who had special conditions that were important to them, such as sanitation and safety," Puszynski explained. According to Puszynski, at the time, coatings contractors were very limited and attached to specific manufacturers, leaving few qualified, capable install- ers. His move made sense: "Concare's main purpose became to independently recommend and install high-perfor- mance materials on concrete. People were installing products that were not suitable, and the industry had a lot of difficulty getting a good reputation because of that." Concare's motto, "we treat floors right," came out of that deficiency, "since even the best product, if installed poorly, won't work," he explained. Close to Home When Puszynski founded his company in 1978, application of polymer materi- als was a small industry, but he saw a demand in the automotive market thanks to Japanese car makers making strong inroads in the United States. "One of the things they valued was the very clean, well-organized environment; a lot of the manufacturers here started to realize it had some value," he explained. Suppliers followed suit, then the food and beverage industry started replacing dairy brick with modern coated floors. "Our applications were fairly simple, like acid etching and thin film coating, and in order to grow, we needed to add other technologically advanced products," Puszy nski contin- ued. Today, Concare is best know n for pharmaceutical facilities and food and beverage operations, both of which require a high level of finish and detail. " We have such a broad spectrum and lots of existing custom- ers, and 10 to 20 building campuses that are resources for regular new projects," Puszy nski added. Currently, Concare's jobs are w ithin 250 miles (402.3 km) of Chicago, but the company has ventured as far as Las Vegas. T hat was thanks to a local client requesting their expertise for a not-so-local project. Now, Puszy nski 's work focuses on projects in challenging, existing sites. "Give us something that isn't right, and we w ill understand the requirements and ever ything that is there — good things as well as issues that need to be corrected — and where the customer needs to be when we're done," he explained. T hey put the care in Concare for sure! Doing What's Right For those new to the industry, accord- ing to Puszynski, the key is knowing the importance of explaining your recommendations, providing detailed proposals, and making sure the customer has what they need right up front. "Prep is also critical," he added. "And if there are failures in the completed job, step up and make right with a warranty. You can't buy reputa- tion; you have to earn it." He also recommended keeping a detailed database of projects from day one to help with future bids and jobs. at helps to eliminate a lot of guess- work and the potential for inaccurate job timelines. Despite building a business based on quality work and fair prices, Puszynski does face competition from contractors willing to cut corners. "It's definitely discouraging when we've worked to put together a good recommendation. en you hear the customer has selected someone else, and six months later, the installation is failing, and the company who installed it won't warranty their work," he explained. "If our industry is going to be successful, everyone needs to have integrity. Otherwise, the customer will start looking for things like polished concrete, etc." Work Calls Concare, Inc. is nearly 40 years old now. Puszy nski and his w ife, who is a real estate broker, still run the business together. "She does what she loves and brings a lot of great ideas and perspective, while I have more technical knowledge and experience," he noted. CP Photo courtesy of Concrete by Concare, Inc. By Christa Youngpeter On Integrity and Success ProFile: Ron Puszynski Hard Work & Craftsmanship

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