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14 SURFACE PREP 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM of compressible foam affi xed to an incompressible Mylar film of highly uniform thickness. W hen pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam collapses and forms an impression (replica) of the surface. Placing the compressed tape between the anvils of a micrometric thickness gage, such as the PosiTector RTR-H, gives a measure of the surface profile height. Testex is one company that manufactures the replica tape that is used w ith micrometric thickness gages, and Elcometer is another company that offers steel thick- ness gages. W hen it comes to creating surface profiles on concrete substrates, ICR I has identified 10 distinct Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP) created by different surface preparation methods. " We produce replica chips (CSP 1– CSP 10) as visual standards for the pur pose of specif y ing, executing, and verif y ing prepared surfaces. T hese concrete surface profile designations are now commonly used by design profession- als and manufacturers in specif y ing the concrete surface profile required for a successful coating and/or repair material installation," said Lozen of ICR I. Contractors can use putty to help identif y the profile visually. Solutions for Big Jobs A lthough each surface prep job has its ow n challenges — some areas are difficult to access, others may require special containment or safety precautions — large- scale jobs are often especially daunting. With this in mind, the industr y is constantly looking for ways to simplif y and increase efficiency on jobs that cover a lot of square footage. Clemco and Blastrac, NA are compa- nies that have recently unveiled products specifically designed for large-scale surface preparation projects. "Clemco, together w ith the Australian firm, SA BR E Autonomous Solutions, introduced the world 's first auton- omous blast robot, the A lpha 1, to the U.S. market in 2016. T he A lpha 1 robot takes the place of a human blast operator using C A D [computer-aided design] draw ings to automatically program itself to scan, map, then blast the surfaces of large structures. T he A lpha 1 is a game-changing development and represents the future of blasting large structures, such as bridges, rail cars, tanks, and ships," explained Roman. For large concrete structures, such as warehouses and factories, Blastrac, NA has designed a heav y-duty steel scraper body to fit fork lifts. T he attachment is made to remove tape, paint, and other spills from the concrete. According to a Blastrac representative, the Blastrac PG -10528 fork lift scraper accelerates productivity from traditional hand blade scraping. Scarifiers and grinders may also be used to remove old coatings and create the proper profile on larger concrete surfaces. In addition to the actual surface prep machines and materials, other equipment should be included in this discussion. Dehumidifiers, containment, generators, rigs, and vacuums all have a place in the surface prep world, too. Standards, Regulations, and Best Practices In the ever- evolv ing world of sur face preparation, keeping appr ised of new standards, best practices, and safet y reg u lations is cr itica l to the continued success of sur face preparation and coating application jobs. In 2016, ICRI introduced two guide specification documents, "Structural Concrete Repairs" and "Externally For larger concrete substrates, additional equipment may be needed. Blastrac is one company that offers a variety of equipment, including their new forklift scraper. During prep, dehumidifiers, generators, and rigs should also be considered. Big jobs may require bigger solutions. Clemco, along with SABRE Autonomous Solutions, offers an autonomous blast robot called the Alpha 1, which can scan, map, and blast on larger projects. Surface Preparation

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