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16 SURFACE PREP 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM 50 percent for general industry and 80 percent for construction and shipyards, workers who previously wore minimal or no respiratory protection will likely have to begin doing so. Prepping for Safety Sa fet y is t he top pr ior it y on a ny jobsite, a nd dur ing t he sur face prepa rat ion process, hav ing t he r ight persona l protect ive equ ipment (PPE) is e x tremely impor t- a nt. For e x a mple, Wa r w ic k Mi l ls is one compa ny t hat ma nufact ures protect ive c lot hing for water jett ing. "Our ' Tur t leSk in' covera l l ra in su it a nd modu l a r su it a re desig ned spec if ica l ly to protect operators f rom water bl asts up to 40,0 0 0 psi [275.8 MPa]," sa id Toby Cummings of Wa r w ic k Mi l ls. Other PPE that may need to be worn during surface prepa- ration include blast hoods, gloves, eye and hear protection, respirators, hard hats, and boots. Depending on the situa- tion, fall protection may also be required. Companies such as Bullard, Madaco, RPB Safety, Tyvek by DuPont, and Yates Gear offer a wide range of PPE for the surface preparation process. More to Learn W hen a l l is sa id a nd done, a ny coat ing may on ly be as good as t he sur face prepa rat ion t hat ca me before t he appl ica- t ion. Sur face prepa rat ion is never a pl ace to c ut cor ners a nd shou ld be treated as t he most cr it ica l pa r t of a l l coat ings jobs. Proper sur face prepa rat ion is t he ma ke - or- brea k point, a nd t he tec hnolog ies, tec hniques, processes, a nd procedures a re consta nt ly evolv ing a nd improv ing. T he substrate and its condition, the specifications for the coating material, and the applicable industr y standards must all be taken into account to ensure the optimum and long-term performance of the coating system. CP PPE must fit the specific task. Waterjetting, for example, may require the operator wear a protective suit, such as Warwick Mills' TurtleSkin. Safety gear, standards, equipment offerings — there's always something new with surface prep! UPDATE. CREATE. VIEW. 2017 LISTINGS TODAY! GET IT ONLINE, GET IT IN PRINT. DON'T MISS IT! Surface Preparation

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