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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2017 19 Our Story Clemco Industries Corp., headquartered in Washington, Missouri, dates back to 1941 in San Francisco, California. Now some 76 years later, Clemco is a global firm, with engineer- ing and manufacturing capabilities on several continents. Regarded as a leader in air-powered abrasive blast equipment, the simple pressure vessel that started it all is still at the core of all pressure-blast systems. Today, Clemco serves the contractor market with an array of products from blast machines to special- ized blast tools to PPE operator safety equipment. Clemco's reach goes far beyond the pressure vessel now, however, with several brands: CLEMCO contractor products, AEROLYTE dry strip- ping equip ment, ZERO blast cabinets including state-of-the-art automation and robotics, and Industrial Blast Facilities. Abrasive blasting is a beneficial, often unappreciated technology. It is useful for combatting corrosion, and for surface preparation, cleaning, peening, deburring, and finishing. It's a process that makes other industrial products, such as coatings, better. Without surface cleanliness and a profile matched to the coating to be applied, the coating will likely be doomed to premature failure. On the industrial side, shot peening makes many critical parts stronger or more resistant to cracking and failure, in applications such as aircraft components. Serving a wide spectrum of industries, Clemco Industries Corp. serves aerospace, automotive, energy, oil and gas production, construc- tion, transportation, medical, and many other types of manufac- turing, including 3D printing. Looking toward the future, the Clemco strategic focus is on innovation and automation. Blasting is an inherently hazard- ous process. Now and in the decades to come, we have our eyes on automating and improving methodologies for the process to better protect workers from respiratory hazards, falling hazards, and the dangers of jobs involving confined spaces. Clemco proudly embraces a philosophy that embodies quality, safety, and performance. Our in-house safety profes- sional staff ensures that all products incorporate safety features. And we have an extensive line of PPE—NIOSH- approved respirators, breathing-air filters, carbon-monoxide monitors/alarms, and more. What's New Clemco is now the exclusive distributor for the A lpha 1, a state-of-the-art C AD-driven autonomous robotic system that maps, scans, and blasts on its own in environments where conditions are hazardous and difficult for humans. e system speeds completion of large projects saving time and expense for the contractor and customer alike, and human lives, where conditions can endanger workers. e A lpha 1 Clemco Industries Corp. Washington, MO 63090 (636)239-0300 (636)239-4300 Customer Service is ideal for use on bridges, in shipyards, tank farms, railcars, confined spaces, and blast rooms. Clemco follows a path of continuous improvement to keep pace with the needs of industry and serve our customers through a trained staff and authorized distributors on five continents. We are proud to make products that contribute to improvement in quality of life and safety throughout the world. Company Profile: Clemco Industries Corp. SPONSORED CONTENT

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