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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2017 23 and mi x and match techniques to arrive at the right approach. For example, some portions of a job may require water blasting prior to dr y abrasive blasting, or in reverse, the surface may need to be washed dow n w ith a rust inhibi- tor after sandblasting. In practice, few people seem to be able to pick the right tool because they don't know enough about the different tools. Sometimes, it isn't easy to know what the right thing is. If it isn't easy to know all the specific requirements, then it isn't easy to know what tool set those requirements imply, especially as both tool sets and requirements are apt to change or evolve. A piece of advice: K now what the specifications are; don't assume anything. If provided, read them over carefully prior to bidding or proposing equipment for the job. If you have questions, ask someone qualified to answer them. Choosing the right tool for a project can sometimes be easy. For example, when driving a nail, the obvious choice would be a hammer, or when splitting some wood, an a xe would be the best tool in the box. Other times we know the tools we need but don't have them at our disposal. K now ing and having the right tool for the job are crucial. Processes Should you have spare parts in case you have a breakdow n? W here can you get the parts; are they readily available locally? If you need replacements, where are they shipped from? Is there a technical support line to call for help? Will they answer after hours? A re the parts expensive to replace? W hat breaks dow n most often? K now ing the process that you're working w ith when it comes to your surface prep equipment before you have to use it can be a huge help. A nd know ing the price that it w ill entail can be huge, too. A piece of advice: Before starting a project or when purchasing equipment, buy the spare parts package if avail- able. You can also spend some time ordering parts that are deemed "wearable" and usually not under warranty. T his can Knowing what options you have for surface prep tools can be crucial. Having the right tools at your disposal can be another hurtle. Read the specs and learn about your options. The Right Tool

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