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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2017 29 Graco's EcoQuip 2™ Vapor Abrasive ® Blast Equipment: Setting a New Standard in Surface Prep When Graco began investigating the blasting market, the equipment seemed like the perfect fit with the compa- ny's history of moving, measuring, mixing, controlling, dispensing and spraying a wide variety of materials. After carefully researching the pros and cons of both dry blasting and methods of wet abrasive blasting, Graco launched the EcoQuip 2 vapor abrasive blasting system. e vapor abrasive blasting method gives the operator more control over the water/abrasive mixture, which often results in a reduced amount of media expended. Not only does it use far less water than wet abrasive blasting methods - approximately 0.5 to 1 quart of water per minute - the EcoQuip 2 reduces dust by up to 92% over traditional dry blasting resulting in less containment and clean-up. How does it work? Water and abrasive are combined in a pot under water pressure and then precisely metered into the airflow. W hen wet abrasive impacts a surface, the additional water weighs the particles down and creates a near "dustless" effect. Since the EcoQuip 2 system uses less water than slurry or other water-based technologies, pools of water aren't left behind so there is less need to worry about toxic runoff. Vapor abrasive blasting in action ECO Vapor Blasting Solutions, LLC, a growing company providing surface restoration and cleaning, uses an EcoQuip EQ400t unit for its projects, both big and small. After just one year in business, owner Winston DuBose has yet to see a project that the EcoQuip unit could not tackle. e team has worked on everything from blasting a 100-foot-long band of tar from the facade of a school build- ing under renovation, to removing the chipped, cracked paint from a large aluminum gazebo in a homeowner's backyard. e most rewarding job completed to date was the removal of multiple layers of paint from a historic home. e general contractor and the homeowners were amazed at the results. After almost giving up on finding a solution to effectively remove the paint, the EcoQuip vapor abrasive blasting system came to the rescue. Graco Inc. 88-11th Avenue Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55413 +1 (612) 623-6000 "So far, we can take paint, rust, corrosion and more off of just about anything," DuBose added. "In most cases, there's a way to find a solution to what our customer needs." Containment issues also came up on a number of jobs. Removing the tar during a school renovation project presented an inter- esting challenge— the tar was 18 feet off the ground, with a brand new brick wall below it. With greatly reduced dust from Vapor Abrasive blasting, DuBose contained the area with six millimeter plastic to catch the residue and protect the new brick walls. At the end of the day, the plastic was rolled up and disposed of properly. "W hen you hear that Vapor Abrasive blasting reduces airborne dust by up to 92 percent compared to dry blasting, you are hearing correctly," said DuBose. "ere's no such thing as total dustless blasting, but the EcoQuip system cuts down on dust significantly." To learn more or sign up for a free demo, visit EcoQuip. Before After Company Profile: Graco Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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