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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2017 39 Company Profile: DeFelsko Corporation SPONSORED CONTENT Two Measuring Solutions for Blasted Profiles Steel is often abrasive blast cleaned or otherwise roughened prior to painting. e peak-to-valley height of the resultant surface profile is an important factor in the perfor- mance of applied protective coatings. Low profile may reduce coating bond strength (adhesion). Too high and the peaks may receive insufficient coverage and possibly corrode prema- turely. e costly application of additional coating may be required if the profile is too high. For these reasons, surface profile should be measured prior to coating application to ensure that it meets contract specifications. DeFelsko offers two solutions for measuring peak-to-val- ley surface profile height: the PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gage, a depth micrometer fitted with a fine pointed probe and the PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader, a digital spring micrometer. PosiTector SPG e redesigned PosiTector SPG series measures and records peak-to-valley surface profile height in accor- dance with ASTM D4417-B and others. e redesign includes a more durable A lumina wear face and two new cabled probe versions. e PosiTector SPG-S shares the same measur- ing specifications as the built-in probe but with a 3ft/1m cable for easier handling. e PosiTector SPG-CS series, on the other hand, offers an extended range and rounder tip for measuring the profiles of textured coatings. Available with either Standard or Advanced features and choice of built-in or cabled probes, the PosiTector SPG series has a fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute making it ideal for quickly measuring surface profile over a large area. A ll probes feature a durable alumina wear face and field replaceable tungsten carbide probe tips for long life and continuous accuracy. DeFelsko Corporation 800 Proctor Avenue Ogdensburg, New York 13669 USA 1-800-448-3835 (USA & Canada) +1-315-393-4450 PosiTector RTR e PosiTector RTR series measures and records surface profile parameters using Testex TM Press-O-Film TM Replica Tape. e patented NEW PosiTector RTR P uses imaging sensors to measure the Peak Density (P d ) information contained in replica tape in addition to peak height. Advanced models are able to generate 2D/3D images and SDF files of the replicated surface. Black and white 2D and color 3D images are ideal for inclusion into reports and for confirming a consistent blast profile. A high resolution SDF (surface data file) can be imported into third-party rendering software for further examination at a cost far less than interferometric or confocal profiling devices. With a single measurement, the PosiTector RTR Series produces a more accurate linearized peak-to-valley height measurement (H L ) over the full range of Coarse and X-Coarse tapes. ere is no need to average two or more replicas as required with analog micrometers. e PosiTector body accepts all PosiTector SPG, RTR, 6000, 200, DPM and UTG probes easily converting from a surface profile gage to a coating thickness gage, dew point meter or wall thickness gage. Call DeFelsko at (800) 448-3835 or visit our website at to get assistance selecting the optimal instrument for your application.

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