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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2017 7 Revolutionizing The Surface Preparation Industry: 25 Years As Soluble Salts Technology Leader In the late 1980's, a small coating application company in Arizona could not have imagined it would evolve and grow into one of the most influential names in the surface prepa- ration industry- CHLOR RID International, Inc. Striving to solve our own coating problems decades ago opened up a new world to us: salt detection and removal which has become our passion. Like all coating application contractors, we worked diligently to do our best work on every job. Occasionally coatings would fail prematurely which presented a mystery to be investigated. Failure analysis determined soluble salts left on the surface caused the problems, so we set out to prevent this issue in the future. An exhausting search for a chemical removal method that was safe, easy to use and effective left us without a solution. Formulating our own soluble salt remover would not only remedy this problem for us, but in time revolu- tionize the entire coatings industry. In February of 1992 CHLOR*RID® liquid salt remover was introduced- offering a revolutionary method to chemi- cally remove corrosive salts and leave no residue. Now besides the traditional mechanical methods of salt removal there was an option to decontaminate the surface allowing a coating to last it's intended life-span. CHLOR*RID is non-hazardous, organic, biodegradable and contains no VOC's. Within a few years, as we shared our knowledge with the industry at conferences, trade shows and in professional committees, it became apparent that PROVING the presence of non-visible salts was necessary. No existing field test methods measured the levels of salts on the surface that determined the type of salt lurking on an otherwise "clean" surface. In 1996 the CHLOR*TEST™ became the first test kit to accurately detect in the field if chlorides were present and at what level. Collecting a sample from the surface using our unique, patented sleeve method, anyone could know the chloride level in parts per million and/or micrograms per square centimeter in just minutes. With no additional supplies to bring and no special training, the necessity of removing salts before coating could be determined on the spot! In 1998 the CHLOR*TEST "A" was developed to provide the first field test kit to measure abrasive media for chloride CHLOR RID International, Inc. PO Box 908, Chandler, AZ 85244 (480) 824-0039 (800) 422-3217 contamination. Current surface preparation requirements for long term coating performance reflect the need for uncontam- inated abrasive. In 2001 the CHLOR*TEST CSN Salts™ was presented to an industry realizing more and more that corrosive salts needed to be identified. Building upon the knowledge and methods of our other test kits, the accurate measurement of chloride, sulfate and nitrate ions was possible within minutes on the job site. In 2002 HOLD*BLAST™ was introduced, a liquid that prevents flash rust to extend the time available before coating. Being able to "HOLD THE BLAST " without interfer- ing with coating adhesion or quality is economical and works well with wet-blasting and mist blast systems too. In 2015 the eCHLOR*TEST™ for electronic testing for chlorides joined our family of salt detection products. Using familiar testing procedures already in the CHLOR*TEST, users welcomed the ability to store and download their chloride test results electronically. Look ing back on t went y f ive years of innovations for the sur face preparation needs of the industr ia l coatings industr y, it is g ratif y ing to see that three person star t-up business evolve into an inter nationa l cor poration. With four blend ing locations, over 100 world-w ide d istr ibutors, and nine k nowledgeable representatives located across A mer ica to assist our customers, CHLOR R ID has become the world leader at soluble sa lt testing and remova l- it is sti l l our passion. Company Profile: CHLOR RID International, Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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