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10 SURFACE PREP 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM from the surface of steel, chemical additives can be used in conjunction with pressure washing, abrasive blasting ( both dr y and wet), and UHP water jetting. CHLOR*R ID and HoldTight Solutions are two compa- nies that manufacture these chemical treatment products. According to Peters, CHLOR*R ID is easy to apply, environ- mentally friendly, and cost effective in removing surface salts. " We also offer CHLOR*TEST field kits to accurately identif y specific salt contaminants, such as chloride, sulfate, and nitrate ions, which are the most commonly encountered. The test kits not only identif y the presence of non-visible salts but can then be used after the application of CHLOR*R ID to verif y that the salts have been removed to meet specified limits," explained Peters. As stated by Ken Rossy of HoldTight Solutions, when HoldTight 102 is added to the water for wet abrasive blast- ing or pressure washing, it reduces the surface tension of the water and goes down into imperfections and blast profile to remove soluble salts, contaminants, and fractured coating and blast media. "By cleaning the surface, most, if not all, of the microscopic contaminants are removed, and f lash rust is prevented for ty pically 24 to 72 hours. We are also intro - ducing a new preser vation coating that prevents a blasted/ uncoated surface from corroding for 30 days up to one year. W hen the surface is ready to be coated, HoldTight 102 can be used in the pressure wash to remove the preser vation coating," said Rossy. Too Much Moisture? W hile water is a key element in the surface preparation process, when it comes to the composition of concrete, too much water in the slab can lead to poor adhesion and premature coatings failure. Wagner Meters is one company in the indus- tr y that offers in situ relative humidity (RH) testing. "Most coatings contractors appreciate how important it is to test for moisture in concrete because excess moisture can wreak havoc with the appli- cation of any coating product," said Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters. Wagner Meters has two new products, the R apid R H DataMaster, a smart phone app that simplifies relative RH data recording and reporting, and the R apid RH Bluetooth Smart Reader, which allows for wireless, digital reporting of RH data. Because mitigating the existence of excess moisture in concrete is an integral part of preparing concrete for the appli- cation of protective coating systems, ACI and ICR I have many resources for coatings applicators on the topic. "ACI 302.2R- 06, 'Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials,' provides the methodolog y to determine the time at which concrete is dr y enough for successful f loor covering," said Webb. According to Ken Lozen of ICR I, the Concrete Slab Moisture Testing (CSMT) Certification Program continues to fulfill an indus- tr y need to improve the performance of concrete slab moisture testing to result in more consistent, accurate, and reliable results that assist coating /f looring manufacturers, design professionals, and contractors to make better decisions as to when a concrete f loor/ surface is ready for a coating /f loor cover- ing installation. " The program includes an For steel substrates in particular, surface contaminants, such as soluble salts, may need to be removed during the surface prep stage. HoldTight manufactures chemical added to water to remove salts. Too much water can be harmful, especially with concrete substrates. Acco rd i n g to Wag n e r M ete rs , test i n g fo r exces s m o i st u re i s important. Recording and reporting the relative humidity data can be accomplished with their Rapid RH DataMaster. Surface Preparation

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