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18 EQUIPMENT 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Jobsite conditions don't stop being a concern when the contractors head home from the jobsite for the night. Polygon's Exact-Aire 4 is one offering that allows users to monitor jobsites remotely. Another tool that might be useful to contractors working on concrete s u r faces i n pa r t i cu la r a re i n s i t u relative humidity (RH) meters. The Smart Logger from Wagner Meters tracks ambient temperatures and RH conditions, even remotely. Moisture meters can also be used for determining the conditions of co n c rete s u b s t rates . D e F e ls ko, for example, has several different PosiTector options that can be used to measure those conditions. industrial unit can take in 100 percent outside air while removing more moisture and providing cooler process air. A refrigeration-type dehumidifier, such as Aggreko's DX and industrial units, lowers the air temperature below the dew point temperature. e system, however, is only effective when ambient dew point temperatures exceed 65 °F (18.3 °C). Industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers, like the 35-ton and 70-ton units from Aggreko, lower the dew point and offer good drying in most warmer environments. Refrigeration dehumidifiers, such as the industrial units, lower the air temperature below the dew point temperature and work well in hot environments. "Cooling the air with a refriger- ation-type dehumidifier is most efficient at high ambient temperatures," Hill said. "e systems are cost effective to rent, and they may use less energy than a desiccant system." But what happens when contractors are away from the jobsite and unable to monitor conditions themselves? One possible solution is Polygon's Exact-Aire 4 remote monitor- ing system. Designed to monitor conditions and control the operation of dehumidifica- tion, cooling, and heating equipment, Exact-Aire 4 users can connect to current data through a simple Internet connection or via cellular devices. e system deliv- ers detailed alert messages that include the nature of fault, time, and location, with durable sensors placed throughout the space to enable continuous recording of conditions. Programmable parameters are monitored and used to activate and deactivate climate control equipment as ambient conditions change. "W hen you use Exact-Aire 4, you will be alerted to an equip- ment problem immediately," said Russ Brown, sales director at Polygon. "As a result, an operation technician can be sent out immediately before you lose conditions in the controlled space." According to the manufacturer, the system helps contractors avoid costly blast and coatings repairs due to lost conditions. For moisture concerns, the in situ RH testing of Wagner Meters' Rapid RH system is another potential option. It utilizes a smart sensor and reader to provide accurate, instant readings at a touch, while the accompanying Rapid RH Datamaster App for mobile devices allows users to read, record, and report results immediately. e Smart Logger is another new device from Wagner designed to discretely track and document ambient temperature and RH conditions, even when users are away. e monitor is a temperature and RH data logger using Bluetooth 4.0 technol- ogy. e 2-inch (5.1 cm) square monitoring device sends data to the company's Smart Logger app, enabling users to transmit and record ambient RH and temperature data, and send data reports via email directly from the jobsite. e lightweight device can be installed on a wall or other out-of-the-way location, and it can collect and store up to 12,000 readings for 300 days. On concrete substrates, DeFelsko's PosiTector CMM IS (Concrete Moisture Meter in situ) utilizes probes for measuring RH and temperature in concrete floor slabs. e probes remain powered on and broadcasting via Bluetooth. DeFelsko's PosiTector DPM IR (Dew Point Meter Infrared) is another option that includes ambient temperature and humidity sensors from the group's PosiTector DPM Integral Probe, along with an infrared surface temperature sensor. Preparing the Surface One of the first steps in physically applying a new coating system is preparing the surface to the appropriate profile to receive the new system. is can involve steps such as pressure washing, grinding, scari- fying, scraping, blasting, or even completely remov- ing the prior surface. Pressure washers can be used on concrete, steel, and roof substrates, with options including cold- and hot-water models and varying pressures all the way up to ultra-high pressure waterjetting. Mi-T-M Corp. is one equip- ment manufacturer in this space, with more than 400 models of both cold- and hot-water pressure washers available. e company also supplies air compressors, portable genera- tors, vacuums, portable heaters, and water pumps. "Cold-water pressure washers are great for clean- ing dirt from many surfaces including decks, siding, and Proper Tools

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