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22 EQUIPMENT 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM With so many new tools coming to the market each year, it's important to learn about the offerings of new equipment, such as DESCO Manufacturing's new Needle Gun. maximum efficiency along with mobile connectivity options, such as maintenance reviews and performance notifications. e grinder delivers strong traditional performance, includ- ing metal cutting, while its advanced electronics provide features such as drop control, which shuts the tool off if dropped, and "KickBack Control," which shuts down the grinder's motor if the tool becomes jammed. e grinder also has restart protection to prevent accidental start up during battery insertion. According to the company, the soft-start technology reduces start up torque, which allows users to ease into cuts. "is is a cordless tool with corded perfor- mance," said Mike Iezzi, product manager for Bosch Tools. e company has a wide variety of grinding tools available, depending on the size and complexity of a given job. EDCO also offers basic f loor grinders, along w ith other products such as high-speed turbo grinders for industrial jobs; scarifiers to level, clean, and texturize surfaces; and compressed, air-powered scabbler machines to remove thin layers of concrete from a structure. To address industr y trends toward more stringent dust regulations, most of these machines have built-in dust shrouds and vacuum ports. For even more precision in tight spaces, DESCO Manufacturing recently released its Model 18 Needle Scaler as the newest member of its family of Needle Guns. According to the company, the product delivers the performance of a larger scaler in a smaller package, which results in increased productivity and more favorable ergonomics. Weighing just 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg) and with a 7.7-inch (19.6 cm) length, the needle gun boasts low vibration and noise levels while also reducing operator downtime and repetitive motions. "With fewer repairs and increased durability, there are significant cost savings," the company said. To achieve the correct surface profile to install a new coatings system, many jobs may require either abrasive blast- ing or shot blasting. e precise profile helps ensure optimal coating adhesion and effectively serves as an anchor for the new system. Traditionally, blasting can be done either wet, in which a high-powered stream of water is mixed with an abrasive material, or dry, when highly pressurized air is used in conjunction with abrasives. One of the industry trends today is toward maximum flexibility. For example, the WetBlast Flex system from Clemco allows contractors to switch between wet and dry blasting with one piece of equipment. e portable system features a blast machine, water tank, and exclusive pump system to add water to the blast stream outside of the machine. Users can position the water injector at either the base of the blast machine or at the nozzle, which allows users to adjust the water/abrasive mix at any time. To dry blast with the FLEX, users can remove the injector adaptor from the base of the machine and then turn off the air to the pump. For larger-scale projects, Clemco offers the SABRE A lpha 1 as the world 's first autonomous blasting robot. e A lpha 1 incorporates a robotic arm equipped with 3D sensor scans, maps, and blasts in complex spaces. e robot removes the blast operator from the blast environment, thus reducing the risk of operator or exposure to contamination from coating removal processes. Clemco represents the Australia-based SABRE Autonomous Solutions brand in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. After researching the pros and cons of both dry blast- ing and wet abrasive blasting, Graco launched its EcoQuip 2 Vapor Abrasive blasting system. In this system, water and abrasive are combined in a pot under water pressure and then precisely metered into the air flow. is method gives opera- tors more control over the water/abrasive mixture, which often results in a reduced amount of media expanded. W hen wet abrasive impacts a surface, the additional water weighs the particles down and creates a near "dustless" effect. And since the EcoQuip 2 system uses less water than slurry or other water-based technologies, pools of water are not left behind. As a result, Graco said there is no need to worry about toxic runoff. According to the company, its system uses far less water than most wet abrasive blasting while reducing dust by up to 92 percent compared with tradi- tional dry blasting. In turn, this results in less containment and cleanup expenses. Greener Blast Technologies, Inc. is another provider in the blasting field offering a full range of ultra-symmetri- cal slurry blasting machines. For smaller jobs or jobs where access is an issue, hand tools from companies such as Aurand, Montipower, and MONTI Tools can be used. Controlling Contaminants Regardless of the surface preparation route, reducing or eliminating airborne contaminants generated throughout the process should be a major priority. Silica, a microscopic dust, Proper Tools Proper Tools continued from page 19

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