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COATINGSPRO EQUIPMENT 2018 25 Va r i o u s m a n u fa ct u re rs o f fe r spray equipment to contractors working in this area, including Titan Tool. The company recently p re s e n te d t h e H e l i x V R 2 . 3 double pump proportioner as a solution. VENDOR TEAM Skid-Lift 4453 Main Ave., Ste. G Fargo, ND 58102 (701) 799-8228 Skyjack 55 Campbell Rd. Guelph, ON N1H 1B9 Canada (519) 837-0888 Spider by Safway Group 365 Upland Dr. Seattle, WA 98188 (206) 575-6445 Spray Foam Systems 1502 Airport Rd. Greensboro, GA 30642 (877) 737-4362 SprayWorks Equipment 215 Navarre Rd. SW Canton, OH 44707 (330) 587-4141 Titan Tool Inc. 1770 Fernbrook Lane Plymouth, MN 55447 (800) 526-5362 Wagner Meters 326 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 (541) 582-0541 WIWA LP 107 N Main St. Alger, OH 45812 (419) 757-0141 ZipWall 37 Broadway Arlington, MA 02474 (800) 718-2255 Proper Tools sprayers, texture sprayers, air-powered sprayers, and more. One of Titan's recent innovations is the Helix VR 2.3, which it describes as the first fully integrated, electronically controlled double pump proportioning system. Once the two pumps are linked, they communicate to each other 64 times per revolution to ensure the system is proportioning according to specifications. "Nearly everybody in the coatings industry has run an electronic airless unit," explained Kevin Coleman, market manager for high-performance protec- tive coatings at Titan. "e industry has been making them for decades, and what we did was basically tie two of them together to make it a plural rig." e Helix unit also includes a patented high-efficiency aluminum mass heater, in which the heating element is actually inside the hose with the chemical. is allows the company to fine tune and finesse the heating to give users even more precise control. "We're seeing fewer VOCs [volatile organic compounds], more higher solids content, and more complex chemistries in coatings today," Coleman said. "With complex chemistries, contractors need precise ratio accuracy. And with coatings becoming thicker, heat is more crucial than it's ever been in a plural-component coatings system." "If I'm not matching the chemistry precisely, I run the risk of not curing," Coleman said, assuming a contractor's mindset. "Your costs can go through the roof if you have that much material that doesn't cure, because you have to blast it off and start over. Unfortunately, in my career, I've seen instances where being off ratio costs a contractor their business." As another alternative, Binks — a Carlisle Fluid Technologies' brand — offers the Binks Trophy A A as an air-assisted airless manual spray gun. e Trophy A A is built to maximize spray quality, increase efficiency of product application, reduce downtime, and be environmentally responsible, while providing a lightweight, ergonomically sculpted fit and feel, according to the company. e low trigger-pull force further enhances control while reducing operator fatigue and the chances of repetitive strain injury. e gun is available in two pressure configurations, the Trophy A A 1600 (1,600 psi, or 11.0 MPa) and the Trophy A A 4400 (4,400 psi, or 30.3 MPa). It is also available with a range of flat, fine-finish, and twist tips to cover all spray finish- ing applications. For SPF, the patent-pending Nitrosys Plus system from Spray Foam Systems employs a unique method capable of processing traditional high-pressure spray foam and protec- tive coating formulations at low pressures of less than 300 psi (2.1 MPa). e Nitrosys Plus can be used as a standalone equip- ment system, or it can be outfitted in a mobile cart system, a portable skid system, or configured into a mobile spray rig. Squeegees, Rollers, and Other Manual Tools For smaller jobs, tight spaces, or projects with strict environ- mental controls, spray equipment may not be appropriate. In those cases, traditional tools and accessories such as brushes, rollers, squeegees, trowels, rakes, and brooms, are popular choices. Seymour Midwest is one prominent provider in this space, with its Midwest Rake brand offering a full range of application hand tools. In late 2017, the company released its Easy Squeegee as its latest precision application system. "It's the first application squeegee that is truly cleanable and reusable, and it provides unparalleled blade selection and precision wet film thickness [WFT] mil delivery," said Ryan Miller, manager of Seymour Midwest's protective/decorative Proper Tools continued on page 28

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