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28 EQUIPMENT 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Proper Tools continued on page 34 Proper Tools continued from page 25 Not all projects should use spray equipment. Squeegees, brushes, and other manual hand tools may be a better option for the specific project, and Seymour Midwest's new Easy Squeegee is one such offering. Smaller jobs, tight spaces, or environmental concerns make rollers another hand tool option. Nour Painting Tools' Pro Frame has no moving parts, wing nuts, or screws and is solvent resistant. T h e p r o j e c t d o e s n ' t s t o p once the coatings are cured. C o n t r a c t o r s a l s o n e e d t o confirm that thicknesses are as specified. Inspection tools, such as DeFelsko's Telescopic Probe Extender, offer solutions for even hard-to-reach areas.. Proper Tools and surface finishing division. "We've probably quadrupled from our initial thoughts on how we would do," Miller said of the industry's feedback. "It's a contractor-focused product, and it's really resonating." Available in 18-inch (45.7 cm) and 26-inch (66.0 cm) widths, the Easy Squeegee's frame was engineered with both self-leveling and self-locating blade features. In addition, by raising the tool 's fasteners to the top of the frame, the manufacturer says this has solved a widespread industry problem of material coating the fasteners. is new design eliminates contact with material on pulls and minimizes contact on pushes. Purdy (by Sherwin-Williams) is another manufacturer of hand tools and manual application equipment. In early 2018, the company added to its popular XL brush series with the XL High Capacity. is model features a stadium-shaped ferrule design, allowing the brush to pick up and hold more paint. In turn, this allows professionals to cover more surfaces and paint further in shorter time. e round and thick handle fits firmly in a person's palm and is crafted of moisture-wicking and lightweight hardwood. e brush is designed for indoor and outdoor environments, and it works with latex and oil-based paints, primers, and stains. e copper ferrule and specialized filament blend enables excellent paint perfor- mance and coverage, even on challenging surfaces. e brush is available in 2-inch (5.1 cm), 2.5-inch (6.4 cm), and 3-inch (7.6 cm) models. In the roller segment, Nour Painting Tools offers its patented 18-inch (45.7 cm) Pro Frame as an innovative roller frame to provide an improved rolling experience to contractors. e Pro Frame is made of glass-infused polypropylene, which makes it very durable and lightweight. e frame uses an end-cap system to secure the roller, thus providing seamless rollability. One of the more favored features is the fact that there are no moving parts, wing nuts, or screws like in tradi- tional 18-inch (45.7 cm) roller frames, according to Nour officials. In addition, the frame is solvent resistant, which allows for added resistance to numerous coatings. Gauging the Final Tests Once the coatings system is in place, contractors usually can't leave the jobsite until they can test whether their applica- tion went as planned. at's where instrumentation provid- ers come into play with various options to see whether the coating thickness meets the job specifications. Elcometer is one company offering a full range of coating inspection equipment, with the Elcometer 500 Coating ickness Gauge as one of its latest offerings. Designed for concrete substrates, this gage takes repeatable and reproducible dry film thickness measurements of coatings on concrete up to 1 cm (0.4 in.) thick, all without damaging the coating. By taking over 60 readings per minute in standard mode and over 140 readings per minute in scan mode, the gage allows users to inspect more coatings in less time. It is used in tandem with a range of intelligent, ergonomic probes, designed for contin- uous use and with field replaceable probe tips. e built-in signal strength indicator on the gage prevents false or incorrect readings, as it only displays the coating thickness measurement if the signal strength indicator goes green. Elcometer also has a wide variety of gages for use on other substrates. For hard-to-reach locations, DeFelsko recently unveiled its Telescopic Probe Extender for its PosiTector 6000 Coating T hickness Gage. T his lightweight, portable device increases the reach of PosiTector 6000 regular cabled probes by up to 124 cm (48.8 in.) by ergonomically measuring both overhead and under- foot. T he extender includes a built-in mount for securing the PosiTector gage body, allow- ing for comfortable one-handed operation. Features include an articulating probe holder w ith rubber stabilizing ring to provide secure probe contact at odd angles. T he detachable

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