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COATINGSPRO EQUIPMENT 2018 7 • Filters: • Generator: air, oil, and fuel; • Air compressor: air pump inlet filter (for electric or gasoline), engine air filter, and fuel filter; • Proportioner: inlet strainer, hydraulic filter, and lube bottle strainer; • Spray gun: inlet filter; • Fresh air system: inlet filter and outlet filter; • Air system: air filters, coalescers, and desiccant A lso be sure to check your fluids and filters in your vehicle, too, whether it's a truck or trailer. Take Control! Establish and facilitate an effective preventative mainte- nance program. Ongoing maintenance improvements may result in reduced repairs, reduced downtime, reduced overtime, increased equipment life, increased equipment availability, increased consistency and quality of coatings, increased productivity, improved competitive position, lower cost to deliver product, and lower overall maintenance costs. Some key factors to establishing a successful mainte- nance program include: • Management, supervisors, and production planners must support the maintenance effort with their attention and money. Most applicators cannot and will not perform the required maintenance tasks unless these duties are driven from the top down. • Management, supervisors, and production planners must allow for scheduled downtime. Scheduled downtime puts you in control of when maintenance is performed and increases productivity over time. • Small repairs should be completed on the spot if possible. • Large repairs should be scheduled as soon as the problem is identified and completed on time as scheduled. Taking Charge In the world of spray equipment maintenance, the saying "when all was said and done, more was said than done" certainly rings true. Take charge of your spray rigs, and treat them as the valuable assets that they are. Plan, establish, and follow through with a preventive maintenance program, and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained and productive spray rig. Your overall maintenance goal should be to have trouble- free equipment producing defect-free products. Strive to achieve that goal every day on the job! CP Jerry Pollard is an equ ipment technician for Intech Equ ipment & Supply. In 1996 af ter ser v ing four years in t he U. S. Nav y, Pol lard joined DBH Dist r ibutors, a f lu id power d ist r ibutor, in ser v ice and ma intenance. Dur ing t his t ime, he received his Bachelor of Science Deg ree in Indust r ia l Technolog y. Pol lard joined Intech in 2002. In add it ion, he is an inst r uctor for poly urea and spray foam appl icat ion and equ ipment ma intenance and repa ir. For more infor- mat ion, contact: Jer r y Pol lard , (623) 980-1075, r ushrox 2112@g ma i Equipment Problems

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