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Letters Dear editor, In re your recent article, "Non-Toxic Si l icone Ma r i ne C o a t i n g s " (C o a t i n g s P r o, November 2012), authors Thomaier a nd Pe a k d id a y e o m a n's job describing inherent environmental problems underlying toxin-based marine coatings and several possible solutions. But readers should be made more aware that strong efforts are underway in California to ban copper-based bottom paints. And as we all know when it comes to environmental law, as California goes, so goes the nation. California State Senate Bill 623 would prohibit any manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or distributor from selling antifouling paint that contains copper. XForce...4000 psi Cordless Airless Sprayer SPECIAL PRICING Protective Coatings Spray Equipment XP70 Plural Component E-30i Integrated Proportioning System If you are looking for application spray equipment for industrial coatings, plural component coatings, or foam insulation, come see us in Las Vegas at World of Concrete. Feb. 5-8th, 2013 Booth #11853 Call John Goodman Today...For Special World of Concrete Pricing! 800-666-6072 Write in Reader Inquiry #327 And as we all know when it comes to environmental law, as California goes, so goes the nation. The bill, a response to the state's Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act and federal Clean Water Act, was introduced in February 2011 by state Senator Christine Kehoe. Although SB 623 gained a great deal of backing, it was shelved until 2013 to give opponents more time to produce evidence that copper residue sloughed off from ablative bottom paint does not harm marine life in marina sea beds. Good luck with that! There should be little doubt in the minds of those involved with marine underwater coatings that this legislation, or something very similar, will become law in California in 2013. Respectfully, Thomas W. Carver Las Vegas, Nevada Write in Reader Inquiry #266 January 2013 g 13

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