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JAN 2013

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speech. Perhaps we can agree American sports often reflect American business. Professional sporting leagues are a microcosm for elite business entities that aim for the pinnacle of success. As Schnellenberger spoke to us about the formula for success on a football field, namely fundamentals and teamwork, it called to mind how our professional endeavors require similar attributes. Schnellenberger shared an analogy from early in his career. It was the 1965 Orange Bowl between top-ranked Alabama and fifth-ranked University of Texas. Alabama's Crimson Tide trailed the Texas Longhorns 21-17 with one minute left on the clock. 'Bama head coach Bear Bryant turned to offensive coordinator Schnellenberger for a play call. Just then, the team's quarterback, Joe Namath, suggested running a quarterback sneak. Schnellenberger thought about Namath's injured right leg but deferred to the star he had recruited. "Good decision," Schnellenberger said on the sideline. It was not. The official's whistle blew the play dead before Namath could score and the game was lost. Schnellenberger's analogy still resonates in modern times. Sometimes even "superstars" fail. However, the bigger question is are you willing to permit a loss, or even an entire season of disappointment, to keep you from your long-term goals? Tommorrow Begins Today There is no time like now to get in on the ground floor of a successful tomorrow, Schnellenberger concluded. Few people understand the ground floor concept as he does. When a college in South Florida wanted to start a new football program, they called him. As founder, he spent the past 13 years leading Florida Atlantic University from zero to hero. Under his leadership, FAU transitioned to FBS Division 1-A membership as they built a 30,000-seat on-campus expandable football stadium in Boca Raton. Building a football stadium in tony Boca Raton would be like building a hockey rink in a swamp. Today while its team matures, FAU Stadium is a community beacon. You may find yourself in a similar situation in terms of career achievements or ambitions. You see potential, you recognize opportunity, and you know where the door leads. Now is the time to open up to the possibilities of active NACE Section participation. Reach out to your local NACE Section team for an operations and activities update. Then get in the game! CP Write in Reader Inquiry #264 20 CoatingsPro g January 2013

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