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to reimburse the customers). She included the safeguard of having the process signed off on prior to roll out. Mary also set a deadline and also checked for understanding—just to make sure she hadn't miscommunicated the desired outcome. Mary's ability to clearly articulate accountability in this case empowered her future potential superstar Ben, freed her to apply her talents to higher level projects, and helped keep her from becoming a victim of her own success! CP Chris MCintyre is author of "The Roadmap to Freedom." As a leadership expert and motivational speaker, Mr. McIntyre travels extensively to inspire corporate, small-business, non-profit, and government leaders. For more information, including a free, downloadable, and modifiable accountability checklist, visit ew N who owns the Process? The last element when installing accountability is to clarify who owns the process. This doesn't mean micromanaging the process. The trick is to get everyone in agreement about who is in charge of deciding "how" the assignment will get done. In this way you minimize confusion about who has the authority to make certain decisions. Here's how an imaginary conversation between a leader (Mary) and delegate (Ben) should go down. Mary: Hey, Ben. We've got an issue in shipping. It seems some customers are getting f lux capacitors instead of Pez dispensers. Ben: That's weird. Do you want me to take a look at our customer service situation? Mary: Yes. You're the best at dealing with angry customers, and no one knows the shipping processes like you do. Please find out why we're having the recent increase in shipping errors, and fix the issues. Could you also put a plan together for dealing with the customers already impacted and let me know the best way to compensate them before you roll it out? Try to get on my calendar by Friday and let me know what you came up with. Ben: No problem, Mary. Mary: Okay, just so we're speaking the same language here: Can you confirm the agreements we've just made? Ben: Yep. I'm going to untangle and fix the recent increase in customer complaints about receiving flux capacitors instead of Pez dispensers. I'm also going to figure out how to best compensate the folks already impacted by the errors. I'll track you down by Friday with an update and plan before I roll anything out, right? Mary: You got it. In the above scenario, Mary put into play all four elements of installed accountability. She defined why the task was important (increased customer service complaints). She strategically chose an owner (Ben) because he was the best with disgruntled customers and knew the shipping process well. She delegated full authority in one area (fix the issues) and partial authority in another area (plan Simple. Durable. Accurate. Now Advanced models come with WiFi and PosiSoft Mobile for complete portability and expanded functionality. Made in U.S.A. Advanced model 1-800-448-3835 The Measure of Quality DeFelsko Corporation • Ogdensburg, New York +1 (315) 393-4450 • Write in Reader Inquiry #34 January 2013 g 23

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