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JAN 2013

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regional manager and our guide through the yard. We met Carl Hottendorf, corporate safety director and Alvin Deconge, regional safety director. After quick handshakes we joined the already-formed "toolbox talk" circle. This crew was pumped and ready to go! As Hottendorf entered the center of the circle all talking ceased. After morning pleasantries he launched into the safety message, stressing the importance of each team member: "Apache is more than just a name on a shirt. Apache is y'all." So how would all this play out during Safety Week? New Day, New T Beginning Tuesday, the first day of the four-day Safety Week event, Apache's entire workforce wore the same work shirt. The Day One theme was, "Be Safe, Work Safe, Live Safe" and the back of the shirt read, "Ask me about my personal safety plan." Day Two's theme was "Quality," and the Apache crew wore shirts with the message, "Do it right; Do it safe." Day Three celebrated Apache's close working relationship with Olympus Project owner Shell. The day's t-shirts were emblazoned with Shell's "12 Life-Saving Rules." As Knigin says, "The philosophy is very important to Shell, and they are very good and sound rules to live and work by. Each of the 12 rules has a distinct message and logo. For instance, rule five deals with system overrides. Workers must obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment. We printed 12 different shirts and our workforce all wore different numbers." Day Four, the day CoatingsPro Magazine arrived, was Apache Pride. The crew and CoatingsPro staff were issued Apache Pride-themed shirts. 30 CoatingsPro g January 2013 would They Buy In? Since we were joining Safety Week on Friday, Day Four of the event, we weren't sure what to expect. Knigin was enthusiastic, but would his crew share his enthusiasm—or already be looking ahead to the weekend? As we stepped from the truck we found out. There in the early morning light, we saw a crew not merely going through the motions, but truly invested. Knigin introduced us to Courtney Sandel, the Every week Safety week Representatives from Shell and Kiewit agree t hat Apache Sa fet y Week was a rou si ng suc c e s s . A s Faut S e z er, president of Kew it says , "Sa fet y is impor tant to t he oil and gas industry. All of our subs must have a safety rating of one. This safet y drive has been very impressive." Day Four ended with a BBQ at Apache's yard located a couple of miles from the Kiewit facility. There, Knigin explained the key to making every week Safety Week. "We are well aware that this is a service business; our real assets walk in and out the door every day," Knigin says. "We want to keep them safe and happy." CP

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