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JAN 2013

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PHotos Courtesy of PolyCoat Nash of Nash Deck Coatings, the three-level parking structure at the medical center was not living up to expectations. "There was severe peeling and flaking of the existing top coat on the access ramps and roof deck of the parking structure," explains Nash. "It seems like an inferior product was put down very thin on the deck, and it was peeling pretty badly." Something needed to be done to the 15,000-square-foot (1393.5 m 2) access ramp and roof deck area to restore safe and functional parking. This is where Nash Deck Coatings and Polycoat Products' Polyprime U and Poly-I-Gard 246SC came into the picture. Hot tires, Gooey Mess A peeling top coat was not the only issue with the roof deck. Sand had not been broadcast into the existing coating system, making the deck extremely slippery when wet. "When it rained, cars and people would go skidding and sliding around," Nash says. "In addition, the hot tires of the cars that drove up the access ramps and onto the roof deck took the material with them, leaving a peeling and slippery mess. To make sure everyone remained safe, the top level of the parking structure had to be closed whenever it rained." While Saddleback Memorial Medical Center staff felt it necessary during inclement weather to close the roof of the parking structure to ensure patient and visitor safety, they realized doing so was not an acceptable solution. Nash performed a number of adhesion tests to make sure that the Polyprime U and the Poly-I-Gard 246 SC would properly adhere to the existing urethane base coat. If the adhesion tests were successful, the crew would not have to strip the deck down to the concrete substrate. "If we had adhesion tested it and the primer lifted, we would have had a problem," says Nash. "But that was definitely not the case with the Saddleback project." Since the Polycoat Products coatings passed the adhesion tests by adhering to the existing urethane base coat, it was determined that only the top coat needed to be completely removed — the base coat could remain on the concrete substrate — thus saving the client a great deal of money and time. "At that point in time, we were ready to apply Polyprime U directly to the existing base coat," says Nash. Adriaan van der Capellen, Southern California sales manager for Polycoat, agrees that Polyprime U was the right choice for the job. "Polyprime U is an intercoat adhesion primer for existing urethane systems," explains van der Capellen. "It really takes a hold of and bites into the existing urethane." In other words, recoating the roof deck of the medical center was a pretty straight-forward job, as long as the appropriate materials were used. However, just when the Nash Deck crew was ready to proceed with this seemingly easy job, Mother Nature decided to heat things up. January 2013 g 41

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