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Brindisi, who started working at his father's roofing and sheet metal business 40 years ago, stands behind the theory that in this instance rolling trumps spraying. By rolling elastomeric coatings he avoids what he calls a muddled look. Alligatoring, if you will. Rolling the two passes in those conditions to achieve a total of 24 mils/609.60 microns (approximate DFT) as required by the manufacturer's warranty instructions also lessens the chance of having the material crack. In addition, spraying in the windy desert area would have posed a major challenge for the Heat Guard Today crew. Even had the highly experienced crew used every possible precaution, gusting and shifting winds still might have made overspray unmanageable, affected the ability of the client's employees to work during application (such as at busy loading docks), and created environmental problems. Brindisi's decision was easy and his crew was completely cool with it. Rolling was the way to go! Regardless of the application technique, though, Brindisi was certain that SG-54 was the right product for this job. "When it comes to elastomeric coating," says Brindisi, "Basically you want to make sure you have a high volume of solids (63 percent by volume, according to manufacturer's specs). That's what separates elastomeric coatings from others." The high solids content in Specguard's SG-54 cool roof system offers 20 percent higher dry film thickness than many competitors, says Specguard sales director Larry Lizotte. "SG-54 also combines high-grade acr ylic resins and specia lt y components to increase durabi lit y, st reng t h, adhesion, and greater resistance to ponding water," says Lizotte. "Not all products are created equal. Contractors, building owners, and those who specify coatings now have the opportunit y to pick from a variet y of products and manufacturers and choose the system most suitable for their project." January 2013 g 47

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