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JAN 2013

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Right Arizona-based Heat Guard Today used a tried-and-true method of installing a new Specguard coating system on a previously uncoated, galvanized metal 180,000-square-foot (16,722.55 m 2) roof. They rolled it. It looked like Brindisi's commitment to rolling the SG-54 roof system would yield excellent end results. But first, the Heat Guard Today crew would have to stand up to a little heat! Crew on a Hot tin roof To prepare the roof for the new coating system, Brindisi's five-man team needed to set up the safety precautions. They installed warning tracks near the gable ends and three-foot-high (0.914 m) metal fa├žade walls at the eaves. Although the crew had to work around numerous skylights, the roof's moderate pitch meant solid footing. Heat Guard Today also painted all catwalks and skylight security gates in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety orange and found that using a scissor lift versus ladders was the safest way to be on the rooftop site. With the roof prepped for safety, the crew began prepping for coating. Roughly 150 swamp coolers (AC units that use water evaporation to cool air) needed to be washed, restored, and waterproofed. The crew on a hot tin roof first scraped off all of the rust and old roof cement surrounding each of the 6-foot by 6-foot (1.83m by 1.83m) units. "We took off roughly 20 pounds (9.07 kg) of aged plastic roof cement to get to the bare metal surface," explains Brindisi. "The whole idea is to get the surface down to bare metal again." They used scraper blades attached to Sawzall reciprocating saws to remove the rust and cement at the roof flashing, and then built the roof flashing back up with new corrugated metal to match the existing profile. Write in Reader Inquiry #106 48 CoatingsPro g January 2013

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