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JAN 2013

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5 5 above With high heat and strong winds come concerns about overly rapid cure times. Since nothing positive is ever associated with coatings that cure too quickly, the crew kept busy by sizing and cutting reinforcing polyester fabric and doing other prep work. above Meticulous prep around penetrations, such as those associated with swamp coolers, helps prevent small leaks from ruining a large coating system. quickly is that the skin looks like cottage cheese, he says. The fact that the Heat Guard Today coatings crew effectively dealt with high winds and high temperatures is a testament to just how cool this team really is, says Brindisi. Although the project was still underway at the time of this writing, facilities managers at the plastic component factory are happy with Heat Guard Today's performance over three months of work. They're already seeing benefits—the building is cooler inside, the air conditioners run less, and the energy bill is lower. The managers also appreciate the crew's method of rolled-on coating. By rolling, the company avoids concerns about overspray, reduces the amount of environmental impact on the surrounding area due to overspray, and enables their employees to continue about their jobs per usual. Deciding to preserve versus replace the existing roof is a cost savings they're already experiencing. Although it is a decision that requires thorough assessments and calculations, the decision to coat was the right one for both contractor and client. When complete, the new coating system will not only extend the life of the existing roof but will save energy. "It's a really neat part of being in this business," Brindisi explains. "The efficiency of doing this far outweighs any gains you might achieve inside the factory walls. We are helping to turn the corner on reducing fossil fuels. It's helping the planet in a very big way to turn the tide on the heavy usage of energy. That's the amazing property of this reflective coating." Heat Guard Today's main goal for this customer was to make the roof better than new. With good planning, good materials, and good execution, they were able to deliver. Now that's just plain cool! CP VenDor teaM HEAT GUARD TODAY Coating contractor 2020 Silver Creek Road Suite 105 D Bullhead City, AZ 86442 800-552-0380 5 above With good planning, materials, and execution, the Heat Guard Today crew was able to install a leak free, highly reflective coating system that saves the owner money by reducing energy costs. That's just plain cool! SPECGUARD High-performance coatings 909 Mahar Ave. Wilmington, CA 90744 310-834-7037 SAWZALL Reciprocating saws 13135 West Lisbon Road Brookfield, WI 53005 800-729-3878 January 2013 g 51

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