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Left The floor installation analysis helped the crew visualize things often taken for granted on a less-busy project. Not only did it help CEI know how and when they could get their shotblaster to the proper floor, it let them know where they could plug it in. at once, bottlenecks and time consuming activities threatened to snowball into big delays. CEI wasn't about to let that happen and they battled hard to not fall behind. Moisture Cure at Hand plywood. That's how we got our heavy shot blaster, vacuums, and bulk products to the work area." The crew also had to be mindful to remove their cleats prior to walking across the membrane roof. "When working in multiple mechanical rooms during the installation, we needed to remove our cleats every single time we came out so we didn't damage the membrane roof," says Gillman. With seven men working on two or three mechanical rooms Excessive concrete moisture presented a problem throughout the building, but CEI had a cure ready at hand. "We did calcium chloride testing prior to the floor work being scheduled," Sneath says. "Per the ASTM E-1907-04 & F-1869-04, the acceptable volume of [moisture vapor emission] for concrete is three pounds or less per 1,000 square feet (92.90 m2). We also performed relative humidity (RH) tests in the kitchen and operating rooms—they needed to be at 75 percent RH or lower to begin epoxy installation. The levels at this project were up in the 90 percent ratios and the calcium chloride readings were well over the manufacturer's acceptable levels." So in mechanical rooms, OR rooms, and seclusion areas where excessive moisture was a problem, the crew first applied Koster Vap I 2000, a one-coat moisture vapor reduction system consisting of Design. COLOR CHIPS FOR SEAMLESS FLOORING SYSTEMS CHIPS BLEND DESIGN TOOL IPAD APP Write in Reader Inquiry #330 January 2013 g 57

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