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g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 Company Pr To get the job done on time and within budget, the contractors we know want rugged, reliable equipment. CLEMCO has had the privilege of providing equipment to the world's most respected blasting and painting contractors for more than 50 years. Shipyards, fabricators, and facility owners use Clemco equipment every day for cleaning and surface prep work on all kinds of structures and surfaces, such as structural steel, bridges, ships, rebar, and concrete. Specialty tools for pipe cleaning, pipe painting, closed-circuit blasting, and touch-up blasting round out the Clemco line of air-powered blast equipment for industry. Clemco Classic- or Contractor-series blast machines are the work horses of the industry thanks to their well-deserved reputation for reliability, performance, and long service life. All Clemco blast machines are made to ASME code; and most models have a 150-psi working pressure. Worker safety is a concern to all business owners and workers alike. Clemco makes Apollo helmets to protect blast operators from harmful dust. Apollo helmets are NIOSH-approved, and rated by OSHA for 1000 x PEL for lead dust. The new Apollo 600 sets a new industry standard for respiratory safety and performance. Our new CMS-3 CO monitor/alarm is an industry first. It is approved for use in our Apollo respirators and provides immediate warning to the operator of the presence of CO should it reach 10 ppm, providing the ultimate level of worker protection. No remote alarms or additional personnel required. In addition to our line of contractor products, Clemco designs and builds ZERO manual and automated blast cabinets, AEROLYTE cabinets and rooms for soda, plastic and other non-aggressive media, and Clemco Industrial Blast Facilities (blast rooms and recovery systems) are in use worldwide to blast a wide range of products, from small art-glass items to C130 transport aircraft. Clemco Industries serves North and South America; Clemco International serves Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Write in Reader Inquiry #1743 Clemco Industries Corp. One Cable Car Drive g Washington, MO 63090 (800) 788-0599 g Fax (800) 726-7559 g g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 Company ProFILE 2013 Coatings For Industry, Inc. has been manufacturing specialized, high-technology industrial, aerospace, and architectural coatings since 1970. As a leader in urethane coating technology, we have developed coatings from primers to topcoats that can withstand the most demanding environments. Whether you need 14,000 hours ASTM Salt Fog resistance, or a floor coating that will not tire mark under the heaviest aircraft, CFI can provide your solution. The WEARCOAT® brand of floor coatings provides durability and ease of installation across the line, from self-leveling and resurfacing products to decorative broadcast systems. CFI's new line of WEARCOAT® SG anti-slip coatings offers a high level of toughness and safety for the most difficult traffic conditions. Our expert staff can help you choose the right coating for any application. • • • • Batteryplants Non-skidflooring Aircrafthangars Epoxybroadcastsystems • • • • Steelbuildingsandroofs Harshenvironments Highchemicalandabrasionresistance Anti-graffiti Coatings For Industry, Inc. 319 Township Line Road g Souderton, PA 18964 62 CoatingsPro g January 2013 (877) 723-0919 Write in Reader Inquiry #1744

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