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JAN 2013

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g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Rock-Tred's floor and wall coatings have been developed for a wide range of applications Ð from manufacturing plants, to biotechnology labs, food and dairy facilities, institutions, commercial outlets, and more. Whether the project requires a rock-hard surface or a tough and flexible finished product, the company offers formulas designed to suit the application, using a combination of the latest technologies along with decades of experience. Write in Reader Inquiry #1763 Rock-Tred 405 N. Oakwood Ave g Waukegan, IL (800) 762-8733 Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 Company ProFILE 2013 Rust Bullet has been awarded an unprecedented Two Patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Never before has the U.S.P.T.O. issued Two Patents for Two New Technologies to One Rust/Corrosion Control Product. Rust Bullet Coatings are a single component, high solids, high performance industrial coating, unique to the coatings industry. Rust Bullet's Patented Technologies is one of the most effective and efficient methods available to kill existing rust and corrosion and prevent future rust and corrosion of substrates. A properly applied and cured Rust Bullet coating will protect solid surfaces from rust, corrosion, oxidation, chemical attack, abrasion, and resists the effects of UV light. Rust Bullet provides protection, adds strength and durability, and has superior adhesion to most substrates. A Rust Bullet Coating is more effective, an easier application and less costly than powder coating, epoxy coating, galvanizing and other corrosion control products. Maintaining an environmental awareness, Rust Bullet Coatings contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates and no heavy metals, and meet the EPA Standards for both primary and secondary potable water. Manufactured with the highest quality raw materials available, Rust Bullet coatings pass the California VOC Standards for both metallic pigmented coatings and rust inhibitive coatings. Write in Reader Inquiry #1764 Rust Bullet, LLC 300 Brinkby Avenue, Suite 200 g Reno, NV 89509 72 CoatingsPro g January 2013 (800) 245-1600 Company Pr

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