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roFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 g Company ProFILE 2013 Company ProFILE 2013 g • SELF PRIMING Product contains built in rust/ corrosion inhibitors which make it self priming unless dealing with harsh or large areas of rust • LIGHTWEIGHT • REDUCES CONDENSATION • LOW SHRINKAGE • HIGH SOLAR REFLECTANCE • HIGH EMITTANCE • LOW DRY FALL RATE • FOAM ENCAPSULATOR / UV BLOCKER • MAX WHITE BRIGHTNESS • 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE (888) 389-0628 Company ProFILE 2013 ThermaCote, Inc. 1369 Herrington Rd. g Lawrenceville, GA 30044 g A single-stage spray-applied thermal barrier applicable to any clean/dry surface, ThermaCote® with built-in corrosion inhibitors is the all-in-one energy saving solution. Applied to roofs, ThermaCote® repels the radiant energy of the sun dramatically lowering roof/attic temperatures and decreasing the "urban heat island effect." Use ThermaCote® on the interior/exterior walls of a building to seal the envelope, reduce and/or eliminate Thermal Bridging and enhance the effectiveness of base load insulation; Apply ThermaCote® to modular classrooms, mobile homes, primer/topcoat on sheetrock, plastic, concrete, steel and wood, HVAC ductwork, storage tanks, silos, glass, skylights, steel beams, railroad cars, interior boat hulls, race cars, automobiles, and other various applications for control of corrosion, condensation, and heat retention, anywhere heat or cold presents as a problem to be solved. Write in Reader Inquiry #1765 Company ProFILE 2013 • MAS Certified Green to California's Standard for Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms and Offices (DHS 01350) • UL® CLASSIFIED PRODUCT 0 (zero) flame spread and 5 smoke development • COOL ROOFS RATING COUNCIL Rated product • ENERGY STAR Qualified Product • ULTRA LOW VOC Water based acrylic formulation • RAPID ROI • SEALS THE ENVELOPE g Company ProFILE 2013 g Job-site documentation built for the iPad Job-site paperwork can be complicated and time-consuming. However, with TruQC, a job-site documentation platform built for the iPad, it's easier than ever to be more efficient when tracking your project and crew. •Strong administrative controls allow you to setup a job and non-conformance standards per specifications. Software is permission-based so only those assigned to a job have access to that job. •Smarter data-housing means forms are available at the office and in the field. This is the first system that allows any form, regardless of age, to be instantly available for review in both places at any time. •Pure objectivity is the result of data readings from leading industry devices inputting directly into corresponding fields without human interaction, manipulation or import/export needed. •JUST ADDED - Our document library allows you to access and manage any documents you might need - from blueprints and project data sheets to MSDSs and scopes of work - wherever you might need them. g Company ProFILE 2013 •Our real-time syncing means that if you're the Quality Systems Manager and you have inspectors working in numerous states or countries, you can look in at any given time and see exactly where they are in the inspection process. Follow us on Twitter at Visit us on the web at Write in Reader Inquiry #1766 TruQC 108 N. Clay Ave, Suite 210 g Kirkwood, MO 63122 Company ProFILE 2013 TruQC makes your team, your job, your site - more efficient. Here's what makes it great: (314) 457-3920 January 2013 g 73

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