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JAN 2013

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industrial-dti Coating protects personnel from Burns Mascoat has conducted detailed product research that shows Mascoat IndustrialDTI (DTI) can successfully protect personnel per ASTM 1055 and 1057 from burns on surfaces up to 400°F (204°C). George More, president of Mascoat, and Howard Mitschke, a leading independent coatings expert, thoroughly reviewed the ASTM and OSHA regulations concerning personnel protection. Using their in-depth knowledge of heat flux, or the rate of heat transfer through surfaces, More and Mitschke tested DTI insulation coating to learn how well the product performed in protecting personnel against burns. The study created worst-case testing scenarios using DTI at varying thicknesses on carbon steel substrates at different temperatures. The results clearly identified that even at a minimal thickness of 80 mils (2.03 mm), the coating was well within the ASTM criteria for 5-second skin exposure, even up to 400°F (204°C). For more information, contact: Mascoat, (800) 549-0043, Reader Inquiry # 3295 extra-powerful uv lamp provides extra-Fast Curing! The MAXIMA™ ML- 3500C UV lamp slashes the time it takes to cure adhesives, coatings, inks, epoxies, resins, printed circuit boards, plastics, and other materials. The lamp produces a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 75,000 µW/cm² at 6 inches (15 cm) for highspeed curing, and it greatly increases production. The ML-3500C uses the latest Micro Discharge Light (MDL) technology. A unique filter and bulb/reflector assembly enables the lamp's 35-watt bulb to deliver up to 10 times more UV-A energy than conventional 100-watt curing lamps! It features "instant on" operation that further reduces curing time. For more information, contact Spectroline: (800) 274-8888, Reader Inquiry # 3296 Acrylic intumescent Fireproofing Now Available in Canada International Paint has announced that Interchar® 1120, a fully VOC-compliant, thin-film waterborne acrylic intumescent coating, is now available in Canada. Interchar 1120 is part of the Firesthetics family of innovative fireproofing technologies introduced by International Paint to the U.S. architectural and building markets in 2010, which includes the flagship Interchar® 212 epoxy intumescent fireproofing, factory-manufactured Write in Reader Inquiry #67 88 Coatingspro g January 2013

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