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Wipe Downs for Equipment come in pop-up canisters that contain 220 individual wipes. To provide convenient access to individual wipes, Allegro offers a wall-mounted canister holder made of impact-resistant ABS. The company also produces Germicidal Wipes Box that features 50 individually packaged pre-saturated wipes. For more information, contact: Allegro, (800) 622-3530, Reader Inquiry # 3301 New temporary protection for installed Floor systems Scofield introduces Proguard Duracover, a temporary protection for installed f loor systems. SCOFIELD Proguard Duracover is a mu lti-ply, tex tured membrane laminated with a non-woven polypropylene geotextile. The composite material is a tough, durable membrane that will protect interior f looring from harsh construction environments both before and after installation. Proguard Duracover can be easily removed at the completion of the project and requires minimal clean up. It is available in rolls and can be used on decorative concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, pavers, wood, or composite f loors. For more information, contact: Scofield, (770) 920-6079, Reader Inquiry # 3302 90 Coatingspro g January 2013 minilab pocket pH Meters Paul N. Gardner Company's miniLab Pocket pH Meters contain a virtually unbrea kable non-g lass si licon chip sensor that gives stable readings in seconds. Part of the H-Series family of non-glass probes, miniLab meters use ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Tra nsistor) sensor technolog y t hat conta ins severa l proprieta r y layers deposited selec t ively on a si l icon substrate. The final layer possesses an aff inity for hydrogen ions only; the quantity of hydrogen ions at or near the sensor surface causes an electrical effect that is detected and measured as pH. All miniLab meters offer waterproof (IP67) operation, automatic temperature compensation, and economica l measurement of small sample volumes. A re plac e able referenc e ele c t ro de further extends the longevity of the meter. For more information, contact: Pau l N. G a rd ner C ompa ny, (8 0 0) 762-2478, Reader Inquiry # 3303 EZ570 and EZ700. The series features a low-maintenance design coupled with high-quality construction and components for reliable operation, extended life, and high ROI, making it ideal for the rental industry. Capable of handling water-based paints, oil coatings, 100 percent acrylics, stains, and varnishes, the EZ Rent sprayers are suitable for a variety of end users, including professional contractors, facility managers, and homeowners. The EZ Rent models feature 0.9-horsepower DC motors and generate 3,000-PSI maximum operating pressures. Both models are capable of pumping directly from 1- or 5-gallon paint containers, providing quick, easy access on any jobsite. For more information, contact: Airlessco, ( 877) 898-1241, Website: Reader Inquiry # 3304 Air sampling pumps Can Withstand extreme environments ez rent Airless paint sprayers Airlessco, a division of Graco, offers its EZ Rent airless paint sprayers in two durable and easy-to-use models: Casella CEL of fers its TUFF line of persona l a i r sa mpl i ng pu mps t hat feature a sealed case with over-molding t hat protects it f rom da mag ing m o i s t u r e , e x t r e m e t e mp e r a t u r e s , solvents, a nd i mpac t. Wit h a f low ra nge f rom 5 m l/min to 4.5 l/min, TUFF pumps are ideal for a wide range of occ upat iona l hea lt h a nd s a fet y

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