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JAN 2013

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applicat ions — f rom si mple abatement sa mpling to more specia lized industrial hygiene monitoring of dusts, fumes, and gases. A ll pumps incorporate proven efficient double-acting diaphragm mechanisms with precise digital controls to give users excellent real-time f low control and true stability across a wide range of sampling media. Casella TUFF air sampling pumps meet applicable NIOSH a nd EN requirements for personal sampling pumps. For more information, contact: Cassela, (800) 366-2966, Reader Inquiry # 3305 Ansell launches HyFlex 11-435 Work gloves Ansell announces the launch of HyFlex 11-435 cut-resistant work gloves made with water-based polyurethane. Since water is used in the manufacturing process in lieu of dimethylformamide (DMF) solvent, the HyFlex 11-435 are more eco-friendly. In addition, since the polyurethane does not penetrate the interior, the gloves feel softer. HyFlex 11-435 gloves are made with a combination of glass fiber and nylon yarn plaited with Dyneema fiber, which provides users with ANSI Level 3 and EN Level 5 cut protection. The gloves also offer excellent breathability and are said to feel cooler during use. HyFlex 11-435 gloves are silicone-free and rated antistatic ANSI ESD STD for improved safety in critical areas. For more information, contact: Ansell, (800) 800-0444, www.ansellhyf Reader Inquiry # 3306 palm size videoscope Oly mpus NDT's pa lm-sized IPLEX UltraLite videoscope is designed for remote v isua l inspect ion in toug h env ironments and conf ined spaces. The IPLEX UltraLite weighs 1.5 pounds (680.38 grams) and has a compact body for easy transport, making it ideal for inspectors working in difficult field cond it ions. T he color-reproduci ng capability of IPLEX UltraLite enables inspectors to accurately detect ver y small defects, and by pressing dedicated, tHe JoBsite luNCHBox P up your Next pB&J! eanut butter and jelly is quite possibly the best lunch box sandwich ever invented. It's simple, easy to make, healthy, long-lasting, and filled with a fruity, nutty flavor. What could be better? Well, we're glad you asked! The dedicated chefs here at the CoatingsPro Test Kitchen have managed to up the lowly PB&J simply by adding granola, peanuts, honey, and a handful of dried cherries. Check it out! In a mixing bowl (or the green pea's hardhat) combine: 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup granola ¼ quarter cup chopped peanuts 2 tablespoons honey ½ cup dried cherries 2 tablespoons of butter 92 Coatingspro g January 2013 Just spread this delicious mixture on your favorite bread—or tortillas to make a wrap—and you're set for some serious tailgate stylin'! But wait, there's more! Since the recipe makes enough for four, and since these babies freeze really well, wrap a few extras and put them in the freezer. Before you head out to work, toss a couple in your insulated lunch box, next to a frozen gel pack, and start dreaming about lunch break. Cp direct-access keys, the inspector can quickly articulate the scope tip, record images, adjust brightness, and input text. The scope tip instantly and accurately responds to the articulation control and approaches targets precisely for fast, efficient inspections. For more information, contact: Olympus NDT, (781) 419-3562, Reader Inquiry # 3307 dur-A-Flex offers time-saving Moisture Mitigation system D u r-A- F l e x 's D u r-A- G l a z e M V P (moisture vapor protection) moisture mitigation primer is an epoxy-based primer that safely handles moisture vapor emissions in concrete slabs as high as 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours and relative humidity as high as 99% - of ten allowing resinous f loor systems to be installed on concrete slabs as soon as 5 – 7 days after being placed. It is also ideal for existing concrete f loors where moisture vapor emissions exceed the allowable limits for epox y f loor installations. In addition to its time-saving performance, Dur-A-Glaze MVP also offers a limited 10-year warranty. For more information, contact:: Dur-A-Flex, (860) 282.4147, www.dur-a-f Reader Inquiry # 3308

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