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16 SEPTEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM N ACE International announced that it has formed the NACE Corrosion Consortia, a new service designed to facilitate corrosion mitiga- tion research for companies, government bodies, research organizations, univer- sities, and other associations seeking to solve corrosion issues. "For years, our members have told us that decreased corporate investment in research has hindered progress," said Bob Chalker, CEO of NACE. "Government, industry, and academia rely on this data, so they turned to NACE to help restore this source of vital information. Our board initi- ated an exploratory committee, which ultimately led to the decision to launch a consortia to serve these groups." e NACE Corrosion Consortia is aiming to engage multiple organizations to perform research in key industries, including maritime, offshore (wind energy), fish farming, additive manufac- turing, construction, and architecture. "Our goal is to provide knowledge and expertise to companies and indus- tries seeking to mitigate corrosion," said Homero Castaneda-Lopez, member chair. "With a consortium dedicated to corrosion control, stakeholders can seek or share information and ultimately put it to use in efforts that support the NACE mission of protecting people, assets, and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion." "W hile other consortia may have a corrosion component, nothing has a specific, in-depth focus like the NACE Corrosion Consortia," Castaneda-Lopez added. "With its long history of devel- oping technical knowledge in corrosion prevention and extending the life of assets, NACE is the ideal leader to broker partnerships and distribute new research and information." As an independent, nonprofit organi- zation, NACE has extensive experience in managing data and sharing information and research outcomes in an unbiased manner. Based in Houston, Texas, with offices in the United States, China, Malaysia, India, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, and a training center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the organization serves all industries impacted by corrosion. NACE provides its membership with numerous benefits while offering the world 's most specified technical training and certification programs, conferences, industry standards, reports, and publications focused on corrosion prevention and mitigation. Founded in 1943, NACE is the world 's largest nonprofit of its kind with more than 36,000 members in 130 countries. For more information about the consortia or to join, the group can be contacted at consortia.corrosion@nace. org. Information is also available online at CP Did You Know? Studies conducted by the NACE research communit y in all aspects of corrosion control have historically been the basis of many standards, repor ts, and leading-edge scientific articles in CORROSION journal and other publications. The Research Committee, formed in 1961, was large in the early years, with more than 30 researchers ser ving as members. In 1981, the Research Committee formed two subcommittees, one focused on obtaining and administering seed grants for recipients in the corrosion field and the other to identif y papers suitable for CORROSION. Later, the broader Research Committee was reduced to streamline operations and make it more reasonable to meet quorums for voting. Today, the Research Committee is a subcommittee of the NACE Technical and Research Activities Committee. Its activities have grown over the years to include sponsoring research symposia and Student Poster Sessions at NACE annual conferences, collaborating with other organizations to achieve its goals for NACE, and continuing to award grants and drive publication of the highest qualit y research in the corrosion field worldwide. NACE INTERNATIONAL 75 NACE News NACE Launches New Corrosion Research Consortia

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