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18 SEPTEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Marketing Savvy Marketing Savvy By Anna Anderson, CEO, & Ashley Long, SEO Manager, for Art Unlimited Fight the Labor Crisis With Marketing to Millennials C risis is a powerful word. A labor crisis is likely one that your company has not escaped. e challenge of finding qualified, competent, and committed employees has become increasingly difficult. Nevertheless, there is hope in this era of tumultuous hiring. e good news is that this process starts with you. Long before you call a potential employee in for an interview or even read through his or her applica- tion or résumé, that person has scoped out your business online and through personal connections. He or she has already decided whether or not yours is a company whose job opportunities are worth exploring. If your online presence is not easily found or your reviews are full of negative comments, a quality potential employee won't waste his or her time applying for your open positions. In essence, your online presence is a cover letter, résumé, and interview rolled into one, and it's used by those you might want to hire or by customers looking at your business's offerings. To fill that gap with the potential workforce, it's important to get your presence right, especially within the millennial talent pool. Outline Your Company Culture Outlining your company culture may seem like a foolish and unnecessary part of the hiring process, but put yourself in the shoes of your potential employ- ees. According to the employment date platform Structural, there are three things millennials tend to hold in higher regard than income when it comes to their careers: ongoing development, adaptabil- ity, and, most importantly, trust. Culture is about uniqueness and authenticity. What makes your company a great place to work? Remember, this is not about compensation but about community. Are you a business of driven professionals who value a fast-paced and competitive environment, or is your company made of hard-working laborers who love family and giving back to the community? ese are very different cultures, and they will attract very differ- ent applicants. Using part of your online marketing to highlight your company's personality will be critical to captivating those who will be a good fit for your team (and it builds customers' trust!). Develop a Strong and Positive Online Presence First impressions are critical, and your website will often be the first place applicants go to get that impression. If your website is confusing or poorly structured, you are communicating that you are not forward thinking. Being too busy to make your company look good online might make people think you are too busy to hear their ideas for helping your business grow — a key factor for millennials. Additionally, if your website is dismal, the searcher will likely be unable to find the information that he or she wants to know. Again, this applies to both customers and applicants, so it should be worth your time. Investigate Job Listings & Update Job Posts In this digital age, you want to be sure that your job listings and applications are readily available online. Utilizing job listing providers, such as LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and industry-specific job postings, including association websites, should ensure increased application traffic. Keep these updated, honest, and relevant. Updating your listings regularly does more than provide the most relevant information to applicants. Many job listing services serve the most recently updated job posting first in the search. Because of this, it is essential to keep your content fresh. Similar to real estate, if you have had the same job posting up for six months, applicants may move on because they are concerned there is some underlying reason you can't find a good fit for that position. Sometimes it's good to take a job posting down, refresh the wording of the content, and post it anew. Updating the keywords within your job post can also be helpful because the search phrases that applicants use to find their ideal job can change regularly. Different style keywords describing the same position can help expose a new variety of search- ers with different vocabulary to your job listing. Job listings can also give you credible back links to improve your overall domain search ranking. Write Job Posts for Multiple Generations W hether or not your company will attract applicants of a particular gener- ation, you must write job posts that appeal to all generations. If a millennial is applying for your job, it's important to know that he or she will likely value being part of a team, having opportuni- ties to give feedback, and being able to really make a difference. e millenni- al 's parents, however, care much more about their child avoiding debt, making

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