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COATINGSPRO SEPTEMBER 2018 19 Marketing Savvy DeFelsko Corporation l Ogdensburg, New York USA Tel: +1-315-393-4450 l Email: Measures Relative Humidity and Temperature in Concrete Floor Slabs CMM IS NEW 1 -800-448-3835 Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ WiFi n No need to open the hole or remove the cap to take a measurement. Reusable smart probes remain powered on and broadcasting via while in situ for up to three weeks. n C ombined sleeve and probe design simplifies the installat ion process and does not require consumables U se probes with the f ree PosiTect or mobile app or the PosiTect or D P M A dvanced enough money to live, and not being trapped by the organization they work for. eir baby boomer grandparents want to know about benefits, titles, and the authority system. In other words, you are not merely advertising the position to the poten- tial employee but to everyone who may influence the employee's life, recommending places where he or she should apply. We also don't want to forget about the Generation Z, those people just turning 21 and entering the workforce. ese potential employ- ees are known to be concerned about your company's values and community commitment in particular. Create a Clear and Consistent Hiring Process Clarity is key, and it is important that your company has an outlined plan for bringing on new employees. is is much deeper than receiving appli- cations. W hat is the time frame in which you will review their informa- tion? After the interview, when can they expect to hear back from you? Are you prepared to adhere to that timeline? Are you actually going to call their references? e more clarity and commitment you can have in your process, the better you will set yourself and your applicants up for success. An applicant's experience with you will determine how he or she expects your company to engage with a customer as well. Everything you do in this process should be done profession- ally and in a timely manner. If you show commitment in making their experi- ence a positive one, it can go a long way. What Now? Whether you need to clean up your online presence, outline your company culture, or create a better digital hiring process, you should find these improvements helpful in your hunt for a competent and committed employee. Crisis may be a powerful word, but a solid marketing strategy is the kryptonite you need to end your labor crisis woes. CP Anna Anderson, CEO of A r t Un l imited , has worked in t he market ing indust r y her ent ire l ife. She spea k s on nat iona l stages across t he United States and helps roof ing cont ractors reach t he ne x t level. Ashley Long is an SEO manager at A r t Un l imited . Her job is to increase website accessi- bi l it y for users and search eng ines. She is an e x per t at increasing website ran k ing and a master at content w r it ing. For more infor mat ion, contact: A r t Un l imited , w w t un l Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0918

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